June 30, 2022

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They identify the police chief who delayed the shooting into the classroom

Pedro “Pete” Arredondo | Photo: CNN

Several United States media outlets identified Pedro “Beat” Arredonto this Saturday, with the head of the Wolde School District (Texas) Police Department labeled as “wrong” by authorities for delaying agents’ entry into the shooting classroom for nearly an hour. “

Both CNN and Fox News allege that the Texas Department of Homeland Security decided Friday that the “police officer” did not enter the classroom.

The school district police chief acted as a spokesman for the investigation in front of the media for hours after Tuesday’s massacre that killed 19 students and 2 teachers, but has not been seen since.

Yesterday, Steven McGrath, director of the Texas Department of Public Security, admitted that waiting until the receptionist arrived without breaking the door was a “wrong decision” and blamed the then-top police officer. He did not mention whether he was in school or whose name.

According to McGrath, after hearing several shots in the classroom, they went to the door only when the agents tried to approach, explaining that no one but the aforementioned chief occupier was alive.

This explanation led him to decide to change the protocol from an “active attacker” to a “rooted suspect”, so instead of breaking down the door and exposing his officers to the attacker’s gunfire, he decided to wait until the attacker arrived. Key and reinforcements with appropriate equipment.

“(The police chief) thought there was time and the children were not in danger. Apparently, the attacker was still active. It was a wrong decision and no reason, “McGrath said.

The 21 deaths from the shooting were in the same classroom, but when police finally approached, they found the children still alive.

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Warning calls have also been made to the police from inside the classroom by some students.

Within an hour of police waiting for reinforcements, no attempt was made to force their way into the classroom, leaving 19 officers at the school.

Upon entering the classroom, Salvador Ramos – as the invader was identified – closed the door from the inside and opened fire indiscriminately on students and teachers.

The actions of the police have been the subject of numerous and angry criticisms by families and the public on social media and in the media, who believe that the security forces may have acted swiftly.

Yesterday, the governor of Texas, Republican Greg Abbott, pointed out that it was necessary to guarantee a “complete investigation” into the police response to the shooting..

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