February 26, 2024

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They also approved the extradition of Pete Cordoba’s brother to the United States

They also approved the extradition of Pete Cordoba’s brother to the United States
Piedad is Córdoba's brother
Photo: Concept

Newspaper Time It has exclusively learned that the government has approved the extradition of Alvaro Freddy Cordoba, the brother of Beatot Cordoba, who is wanted by a court in the Southern District of New York on drug-trafficking charges.

The decision comes a month after President Gustavo Pedro took office and after two initial sets of 16 approved handovers.

Piedad Córdoba celebrated his brother’s birthday at La Picota. Photo: Private Archive

Newspaper Time Resolution 196 on September 7, 2022 granting the freedom to send Cordoba to the United States for the first time.

The arrest of the brother of the senator of the historic agreement occurred in Medellin on February 2, 2022, when he was leaving a meeting with two people who were being investigated. One of them is Libia Amanda Palacio Mena and the other is Alvaro Alonso Jaramillo, a childhood friend of the Cordoba Ruiz family.

Although the indictment against him was sealed in New York’s Southern District Court, Time He was also charged with cocaine conspiracy and arms trafficking, crimes related to Mexican cartels and FARC insurgents under Gentle Duarte’s command.

What is known so far is that for at least five months, there is evidence that Alvaro Freddy Córdoba and others involved had contacts and meetings with a criminal organization being investigated by the DEA.

This is one of the documents in the document sent by the United States to Colombia. Photo: Time


Córdoba supplied large amounts of cocaine ready for export to Venezuela and Colombia. Photo: Time

DEA Special Agent in Charge Matthew S. Passmore testified under oath that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute his alleged accomplices.

The prosecution points out that there are several cross-examinations of evidence and one witness. Time It was also established that there was a statement from an undercover agent.

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But beyond judicial ramifications, this extradition approval has political ramifications. Not only is this the brother of a senator from the ruling party, but it happens at a time of so-called total peace.

Within this new legal framework that embraces justice, many drug traffickers are promised non-deportation in exchange for truth, ways, partners and restorative justice.

Gustavo Pedro had already approved two extradition packages, revealed TimeIt is the “bigger fish” in political terms.

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