May 23, 2024

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Aida Victoria Merlano is punished for running away from her mother in a dental office Ida Merlano | Colombia | the world

Aida Victoria Merlano is punished for running away from her mother in a dental office  Ida Merlano |  Colombia |  the world

At 8:00 a.m. this Tuesday, closing arguments began in the trial against Aida Victoria Merlano and dentist Javier Guillermo Celi for their alleged participation in the ex-congresswoman’s escape. Ida Merlano.

After the virtual hearing began, the judge handling the case read The object of faith vs daughter A fugitive from justice, she was shown to be aware of her escape plan.

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For his part, the Dentist Chely was releasedIt has not been fully proven that the former Congresswoman was involved in her escape on October 1, 2019, when she jumped from the window.

Throughout the process, two Ida Merlano As the daughter was a dentist, they assured her that it never crossed their minds that this episode was going to happen. In fact, the condemned young woman agreed even as she watched Red rope Little did he know that he would use it for this purpose, given that his mother had jumped off the building.

According to her testimony, she focused on her cell phone and became aware of the leak minutes after she left. Dental office. In the story, he even insisted that it was because of a journalist who knew that his mother had flown to Inbek.

The expert witness noted that the dentist showed a restless demeanor after Chely left the office. (Photo: Screenshot. Attorney’s Office).

Amidst all the legal entanglements involving the former congresswoman from Barranquilla, her daughter wanted out legal wayWith the possibility of seeking the intervention of international organizations and world-class lawyers.

However, that idea did not work, as evidenced by the filmed episode in which, through a camera, Aida Merlano Rebolledo was seen falling to the ground after jumping from the building. She escaped on a motorcycle that was waiting for her.

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The dentist, who was acquitted, had said that he had met him before Aida Merlano Rebolledo After he requested an appointment with him to get a smile design. TearsHe also told the judge that he was only dedicated to doing his job and that they had not approached him to mention an escape plan in the first or second appointment.

“I am a Don’t sacrifice, I’m dead in life, they’ve damaged my family, my career, and I’m in mental health. Rapier This is happening to me and it is stressing me outI’m coughing, I’m vomiting,” the dentist commented to the presiding judge in the middle of the hearing.

Aida Victoria Merlano and Javier Guillermo Celli charged with crimes by authorities to escape positively and using minors to commit crimes.

So far, that hasn’t happened Penalty amount As only the object of the judgment is known, the person sentenced will pay. Likewise, it is not known whether the judge will issue an arrest warrant. The case can be appealed to the Superior Court of Bogotá.