October 1, 2023

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After a bitter rejection, Poric undertakes a deep reform of his cabinet

Gabriel Boric undertakes a deep reshuffle of his cabinet after being rejected in a referendum.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric made the announcement on Tuesday A profound reform in his cabinet This affected the relevant statistics. Among them are Interior Ministers, Izkia Siches; The Presidency, Giorgio Jackson and the Political Committee, are the nucleus where relevant decisions are made at the Palacio de la Moneda.

Turning to the center left is the cabinet reshuffle Almost six months after he took office. This comes just two days after the huge success of Denial Referendum The constitutional change is taking place amid pressure from the opposition and tensions within the left-wing coalition on which Borik relies.

President Salvador Allende appointed Carolina Doha, daughter of Jose Doha, the first Minister of the Interior, as Minister of the Interior.

EFE / Alberto Valdez

As Minister of the President, the President chose Ana Leah Uriarte from the Socialist Party, who has extensive professional and political experience.

Jackson, one of the president’s closest confidants, was a partner in the student protests, serving as minister of community development and families. Ximena Aguilera, an epidemiologist, has been roped in as the new health minister.

Diego Barto, member of Social Convergence, also came into action as the president of the same party, minister of energy. Silvia Díaz, the first science minister in Chile’s history, was an independent close to the Party for Democracy.

Controversy in the Sub-Secretariat

Notice of changes and acceptance thereof Over an hour late Apparently because of the controversy sparked by the appointment of Nicolás Cataldo, a former student leader and member of the Communist Party, as undersecretary of the interior, the shortest undersecretary in Chilean history.

Shortly after the news broke, members of the opposition and a local newspaper Third Rescued from social networks, mainly Twitter, Cataldo’s 2011 messages in which he harshly criticized the military and blamed them. Infiltrate protests, torture and violate their powers.

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The most critical of the appointment was former Education Minister Marcela Cupillos, who pledged “If that is true, the government has decided to laugh in the face of the victims of violence and the southern macrozone”Regarding the conflict in Araucania.

Nicholas Cataldo’s impeachment is upheld

Manuel Monsalve, undersecretary of the interior, who sounded the new president’s minister in all pools, acted as notary. Cataldo’s dismissal and Mansalve’s perpetuity confirmed To the Under-Secretary of the Interior.

Cataldo, Professor of History and Social Sciences at Valparaiso University, He was the Under-Secretary of Education. He was a student leader – he joined the student union of the University of Valparaiso – a member of the Communist Party since 1998, specialized in public policies and legislative implementation, he worked in public administration at the central and local levels. .

Between 2015 and 2018, he served on the Legislative Council of the Ministry of Education and was involved in the processing of bills related to the Teacher Professional Development System, New Public Education, Higher Education, Teacher Pension Promotion Acts and Law Making. Education assistants explained the report, initiatives that were part of the education reform.

“Ascend to Greater Responsibility”

According to a statement issued by the Palacio de la Moneda, Cataldo is leaving his position as undersecretary of education, minutes before the president announced his profound cabinet reshuffle. “Ascend to great responsibility.”

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A cabinet reshuffle that had been planned for weeks was accelerated this Sunday after a landslide victory in rejecting a mandatory referendum on a new text of the constitution proposed by the criticized Constitutional Commission.

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