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The story of Conviasa, the controversial airline of the Bolivarian Revolution that brought Maduro’s foreign minister to Argentina

Kanviyasa, National
A convoy plane at Buenos Aires airport in Argentina. Photo: anCancilleriaVE

“We need flight dates, we need flight dates!” Unprecedented in Havana: A crowd of directors of the Bolivarian Revolutionary Front Conflict in front of their offices in the Cuban capital loudly demanded information. After Daniel Ortega’s government facilitated immigration procedures with the Cuban government, everyone there wanted to leave the island.

Cubans who want to leave their country have become pressure cookers and have placed their trust in the flag carrier aircraft of the Third Revolution, a close ally of Cuba and Nicaragua. Like the three Musketeers, all together.

At the same time as the unusual fighting in Havana, another Conviasa plane took off from Caracas to Buenos Aires. Inside, Secretary of State Felix Placencia is ready Representation At the Selag summit, Argentina assumed leadership of the camp for Venezuela.

This aircraft, well known among Venezuelan aviation experts, is the President’s Airbus 319, which is followed everywhere, especially during Nicolas Maduro’s successive flights to Cuba. This is the plane used by “Chavez’s son” to fly to Mexico with surprise during another Selag summit in October.

Conviasa, the official aircraft in disguise

In fact, the Kanviyasa aircraft YV2984 is a disguise used by the revolution, which, despite sanctions imposed on the United States and its 40 aircraft in February 2020, “encourages regime officials to travel around the world for their anti-democratic efforts.”

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Fifteen flights from Venezuela Petroleum Plotilla (PDVSA), which include not only the leaders of Chavismo but also international allies such as Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the former head of the Spanish government, are allowed by the Treasury. One of them landed at Aeropark last November: it carried former Bolivian President Evo Morales.

What is the reason for Maduro’s flight attire? Unofficial sources have confirmed Nation Behind this strategy lies the political image above all else, similar to the way Cuban officials operate official planes aboard the Cubana de Aviasian. Despite the sanctions, there is no legal reason for any information leading to Maduro’s arrest, which is $ 15 million, and it is still in effect.

The Venezuelan government, on the one hand, is interested in promoting the Conviasa flag, and on the other hand, does not seem to benefit from the luxury of such a private jet. These aircraft are not commercial, they belong to the state, although they are labeled with the colors and name of the kanviyasa. It is therefore exempt from the rules of commercial flights.

Return to Conviosa

Beyond these questions, the Venezuelan Consortium of Aeronautical Industries and Air Services (Conviasa) has made a strong comeback after the first two years of the epidemic. The world turned upside down: when the sector was hit hard, Bolivarian Airlines tried to get on a plane.

Collection of positive messages Started One of his flights to Santiago de Chile in December was stained when one of them became a trend on social networks. Overflowed One in the bathroom and occupied the room. The Savista media tried to cover up the affair, blaming the aviation company that used the aircraft on the Conviasa flight.

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Something similar happened on the controversial flights Stuck Several days in Ezeiza, Bolivian Viru Viru Airport (Santa Cruz de la Sierra) and hundreds of people in Maiquetía, Venezuela. According to industry sources, the restrictions make it difficult to fly to certain locations where flights are not even available; And Kanviyasa is forced to go for rent.

Many accumulated incidents

Authorities intend to link Venezuela’s economic recovery to the revival of its flagship aircraft, which has promised flights not only to Managua and Havana, but also to Moscow, Panama City, Cancun, Madrid, Lima or Santiago.

After all, “2021 is one of the best years for Conviasa.” “It has reached the best expansion process since it was created in 2005. It seeks greater prominence and importance in operations within Venezuela and within the country.

In fact, at the end of November an alliance between Conviasa and other airlines subject to sanctions was discussed to assist in this expansion process. An alliance to exchange aircraft. There is a vision of what Conviasa expects in 2022: it is a plan for the future to emerge as a deadly airline, it is a rusty concept. “The government wants to be the face of Kanviyasa in transport,” he said Nation Rodolfo Ruiz, lawyer and aviation expert.

Venezuelan state millionaire loans

The collapse of the revolution also took over the aviation sector in Venezuela, including international companies that had to flee the country due to the billionaire loans taken by the Maduro government. Reduces unpaid debts and their financial burden for most people.

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The government has been accused of torturing various companies in support of its convoy, currently led by former minister and commander Ramon Velasquez.

“Ultimately, US sanctions have affected Conviasa’s growth for a variety of reasons, such as training its pilots, supplying spare parts, or refueling at some airports. Is trying, “Ruiz concluded.

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