July 17, 2024

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Argentina accepts Selak’s presidency

Argentina accepts Selak’s presidency

Alberto Fernandez said the volume was “not born to oppose one.”

Argentine President Alberto Fernandez was elected on Friday to serve as the leader of the community of Latin American and Caribbean states (CELAC) in 2022, which seeks regional integration and many of its members are at odds with the United States.

Fernandez will replace his Mexican counterpart Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as head of the regional camp of 33 Latin American countries, which began to function as an intergovernmental dialogue mechanism in 2011 and, according to analysts, has the opposite weight in the organization’s region. The United States of America (OAS), where the United States has historic influence.

The appointment of the President of Argentina was made unanimously in Buenos Aires during the XXII CELAC Foreign Minister’s Summit, which came into effect when center-left and populist leaders such as Hugo Chavez ruled the continent in Venezuela; Nestor Kirschner in Argentina and Evo Morales in Bolivia.

In an intervention in the presence of foreign ministers, Fernandez said the camp was “not born to confront any existing institution to oppose one; it was not born to interfere in the political and economic life of any country; it was always born as a forum that promotes consensus and diversity.”

The summit comes at a time when the Argentine government has approved sanctions against the International Monetary Fund – making the United States one of its most important members – with a $ 44,000 million loan repayment. In 2018 when the Conservative President Mauricio Macri ruled in Argentina (2015-2019).

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Fernandes thanked all the countries that supported him in his negotiations with the lending institution. “You feel strong knowing that the Latin American and Caribbean brothers are coming with you,” he said.

Meanwhile, Argentine Foreign Minister Santiago Kafiro said, “We will work to institutionally strengthen Cello with gaps in negotiation and agreement, always with an open agenda, always inviting everyone and listening to all voices.”

Brazil did not attend the regional meeting. The government of Jair Bolsanaro stopped participating in camp activities in 2020, citing the importance of undemocratic regimes in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba.

Argentina was nominated for the presidency after months of intense negotiations with member states.

According to analysts, the move seeks to establish itself as a key figure in the region, as opposed to US proposals in South America and in line with China’s good relations with many Latin American countries.

Opposition parties, such as the PRO, a political outreach among former President Macri’s leaders, have indicated that Selak’s acceptance of the presidency should be in line with Argentina’s “restructuring and validity of democracy and human rights.” Countries “.

In this sense, he urged the government to warn that “there are systematic violations of individual rights and freedoms” due to the human rights situation in three countries: Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The opposition also questioned the “concessions made or made by the government to gain votes or avoid veto in the face of the apparent abuses of dictatorships” in the above countries.

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