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The Peruvian government is filing a constitutional complaint against the Congress leader for his “conspiracy”


16 Feb 2022 01:05 GMT

The Labor Minister has accused the opposition Maria del Carmen Alva of committing various crimes aimed at ousting President Pedro Castillo.

Betsy Chavez, Peru’s Minister of Labor, this Tuesday a Constitutional Complaint The local newspaper reported after it was revealed that he had secretly met with opposition lawmakers against Congress leader Maria del Carmen Alva with the intention of formulating a strategy to oust President Pedro Castillo. Republic.

In the document, Chavez said, “By amending the Magna Carta, he highlights the intent of those attending the meeting to create new reasons to vacate, suspend or constitutionally remove the President. To submit her to his plotIt gives it a legitimate look. ”

Alva would have committed the crime of the criminal organization by handing over the tasks to the head of the Labor Department, who co-ordinated those present at the meeting to overthrow the democratically elected government.

In his complaint, Chavez confirmed that the Congress leader was “actively participating in condemned events.” Conspiracies to overthrow the government “He was also charged with “conspiracy, treason or rebellion”.

Meanwhile, this Monday, Voltaire Seron, spokesman for the ruling Liberal Party of Peru, Advertising This parliamentary faction will file a motion of protest against the Speaker of Parliament “To properly promote conspiracy and vacancy” Against President Castillo.

Conference, “In Conspiracy Tone”According to the weekly magazine Hildibrant at age 13, Held Wednesday, February 9th. According to media reports, the protest was organized by the German Friedrich Naumann Foundation and an organization affiliated with the Fuerza Popular (FP) party of former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

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Alva is a member of the centrist Popular (AP) Party, but has links to Castillo’s resignation and to center-right lawmakers planning his downfall.

Pressure on the executive, led by questions about former Prime Minister Hector Waller, who was indicted in a domestic violence case in 2016, forced the head of state to reshuffle his cabinet for the fourth time last week. I quit For the post to go without a vote of confidence on the part of Congress, he must be confirmed in office.