May 19, 2024

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5 things you need to know this April 9

5 things you need to know this April 9

Former Venezuelan general Clíver Alcalá was sentenced in the United States. Ecuador's former vice president, Jorge Claus, has been hospitalized with a fracture. Netanyahu says the date for Rafah's invasion has been set. Discover a hidden natural gem in Mexico that won't be hidden for long. Here's what you need to know to start tomorrow. First the truth.

1. When is the next eclipse?

If you're a professional or amateur follower of astronomical events, eclipses are likely on your list of favorites. To plan your agenda after the total solar eclipse visible in North America on April 8, Here are the dates of upcoming eclipses this year.

2. Clíver Alcalá was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison

Cliver Alcalá Cardones, a retired general of the Venezuelan army He was sentenced to 21 years and nine months in prison in the United States by a New York judge for collaborating with FARC guerrillas. And adapted guns to that system. In the past, Alcalá was loyal and close to the country's late president Hugo Chavez, but has since distanced himself from current president Nicolás Maduro.

3. George Klaus is hospitalized

Ecuador's former vice president Jorge Claus was admitted to a hospital in Guayaquil on Monday, “probably decomposing due to his refusal to eat the food he was offered.” National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adults Deprived of Independence and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI) report.

4. Netanyahu sets date for Rafah invasion

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has set a date for Monday to invade Rafah, Gaza's only major city, which has not been achieved by Israeli ground operations, according to a video posted on his official Twitter account. Telegram. Netanyahu did not say what the date was.

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5. Trump says abortion laws belong to the states

Former US President Donald Trump argued in a video released Monday that abortion laws should be left in the hands of the states, citing the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade brought up the issue “From the hands of the Federation to the hearts, minds and votes of the people in every state”

At coffee time

Water distribution in Bogotá: measures, tables and map of these control zones

Bogotá's mayor's office ordered water rationing by sector for a 24-hour period beginning this Thursday, April 11. To address the drought that has reduced the level of the city's reservoirs to unprecedented levels.

The Huasteca Potosina is a hidden natural gem in Mexico that won't be hidden for long

30 minutes after leaving San Luis Potosí, the capital of the Mexican state of the same name, a mixture of different landscapes begins to be observed from the car window. Sturdy pine trees grow tall with desert cactus, peeking through the blanket of mist It adorns the Sierra Madre mountains.

This independent traveler traveled from London to Lagos in a small car

More than two months and after a horrific traffic accident, 29-year-old Belumi Nubi received a hero's welcome when he arrived in West Africa's largest city, Lagos, on Sunday. After touring 17 countries including France, Morocco, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Chechnya bans all music deemed too fast or too slow

The Minister of Culture announced the decision to limit all musical, vocal and choreographic compositions to one tempo. Between 80 and 116 beats per minute (BPM), Russian state news agency TASS notes.

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Pope Francis has commented on gender confirmation surgery

The Vatican has issued a strong warning against “gender dogma” and said any gender-affirming surgery threatens a person's “unique dignity”. In a new document signed and approved by Pope Francis.

Image of the day

260 pilots

Spirit Airlines has announced the suspension of 260 pilots The company takes steps to save money.

Quote of the day

“It's Important to Mention Congress: If Congress Doesn't Help Ukraine, Ukraine Will Lose the War”

Ukraine will “lose the war” if the US Congress does not approve military aid to resist the Russian invasion. President Volodymyr Zelensky announced.

And to finish…

Auroras and lava from Grindavik Volcano leave a striking postcard

AFP has shared stunning images of the Grindavik volcano in Iceland. An aurora borealis lit up the night sky.