March 22, 2023

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South Korea: See What Happened When This Beer Truck Lost Its Cargo (+ Video)

The incident went viral in the country and set an example for others.

Thousands of beer bottles fell from a five-ton truck in South Korea.

The accident occurred when a truck driver made a sharp turn in the city of Suncheon, flooding the street with beer and broken glass. And in seconds the road will be covered in white foam.

The spill, about 46 miles north of Seoul, could have easily caused additional accidents and an hour-long traffic jam, but 18 Samaritans saved the day.

As soon as 2,000 bottles were smashed on the road, the driver stopped, then walked over the pile and began to collect the debris.

After some time, a passer-by approached the driver and started stacking the boxes aside. A local convenience store owner pitched in with brooms and dustpans.

The absence of rain, umbrellas and raincoats did not prevent 16 other passers-by from gathering and clearing the road within half an hour. After the job, they went into their own business, and that was one thing.

Six days after the incident, Oriental Brewery released surveillance camera footage of the beer spill being cleaned up.

The company ran announcements and ads with pictures of the incident to identify and thank good Samaritans. They used the slogan, “We are looking for the real heroes of Suncheon City.”

“We wanted to meet the citizens and express our gratitude to each of them in person,” Joo-Hwan Baek, associate director of public relations for Oriental Brewery, told ABC News.

“We hoped to spread the good they did. It was also very inspiring for us,” they added.

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Images of the purge have been trending on social media and South Korean news ever since.

“Nobody is asking citizens to jump into the rain and cooperate; It’s a collaborative, voluntary effort with a selfless purpose,” Se-yeon Hwang, 20, told ABC News.

“The video was a powerful reminder of the good a caring community can do with a selfless heart,” they said.

A similar accident happened less than a week after Oriental Brewery released the video. Another truck dumped hundreds of bottles of Korean vodka in the middle of a busy street in the metropolitan city of Incheon.

With a long line of cars and buses following the truck, damage to the network seemed inevitable, but dozens of citizens who witnessed the accident banded together to clear the road in about half an hour.

“It’s heartwarming to see this kind of goodwill, especially in an era of war, violence and widespread hatred,” Mei Lee, 52, told ABC News. “I hope to see many more acts of kindness in this world.”

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