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The Kremlin instructs Ukrainians to (jokingly) set the alarm clock for the ‘Russian invasion’.

The Kremlin instructs Ukrainians to (jokingly) set the alarm clock for the ‘Russian invasion’.


15 February 2022 23:31 GMT

Dmitry Peskov made the remarks in the light of new reports in British tabloids that it was time for Russia to launch its offensive against Ukraine on February 16 at 3:00 p.m.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov paradoxically advised some Western media to set alarm clocks for Ukrainians just in time to eventually turn into the time of the Russian invasion.

“It’s good to set your alarms and see for yourself at that time,” a presidential spokesman said RIA NovostiHe questioned whether the Ukrainians should worry about this day or sleep peacefully.

In particular, the British tabloid Glass Was brave enough to quote US spy agencies that Russian troops would launch an offensive on 3:00 p.m. (Local time) This Wednesday, February 16th.

It even gave details of the store, indicating that the attack would begin Massive air strikes On the main targets of Ukraine’s political-military infrastructure, before the tanks cross the border. Meanwhile, the newspaper reported that “Russian warships with amphibians may strike the southern coast of Ukraine.”

When, The sun 3:00 am “Mostly time Putin’s order“We have to attack the neighboring country. The newspaper also points out that the time is coming from US intelligence estimates. According to the media, some of these sources point to Russia.”Almost sureOccupy Ukraine “from many points”, including the south, east and north.

  • There is speculation about a Russian invasion of Ukraine Intensifies In the West in recent weeks, it has been repeatedly rejected by Moscow. There have been reports of an impending attack Denied By the Ukrainian authorities.
  • Last Friday, Politician ReportedReferring to anonymous sources, US President Joe Biden said in a video conference with NATO allies that February 16 marked the start of the Russian invasion. For its part, Bloomberg General A note quotes “officials familiar with the matter” as saying that Russia could launch a war against Ukraine on Tuesday, February 15.
  • Amid media warnings, dozens of countries around the world have in recent days recommended to their citizens to leave Ukrainian territory.
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