June 16, 2024

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The official says the group member arrested in Argentina is linked to Goods forces

The official says the group member arrested in Argentina is linked to Goods forces

(CNN Spanish) – A Paraguayan intelligence official said Friday Venezuelan flight crew stationed in Argentina He is associated with the Quds forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, and in both cases has been classified as a terrorist group by the United States.

“As we know and affiliated agencies have confirmed to us, this is a person linked to Qutb. Without a doubt, it’s not identical, it’s not a homonym or anything, it’s a person. Esteban Aquino told the ABC radio station.

A spokesman for CNN The President, the Ministry of Defense and the Argentine Federal Intelligence Agency are still awaiting a response to their investigation.

At a news conference this Wednesday, Argentine Defense Minister Anibal Fernandez announced that one of the group was the “name” of a Goods member.

The Venezuelan airline ‘Emtrasour’s flight has been at Essex International Airport in Buenos Aires since June 8. According to Argentine officials, the ship was recently acquired by Emtrasur from Iranian airline Mahan Air. On May 13, the same plane landed at Guaraní Airport in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the country’s interior minister Federico González said. Emdrasour has not yet responded to CNN’s requests for comment.

Amir Hossain Joel-Anwari, manager of the Great Air’s public relations office, confirmed to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) that the aircraft in question had been sold to a Venezuelan company. “The arrest of the plane, whose ownership was transferred a year ago, is due to political motives. The crew has been working for a Venezuelan company and Mahan Air has nothing to do with the issue,” he said.

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For his part, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Katifzadeh commented on the plane crash, and according to the Agency France Press, “the past few weeks have been full of propaganda, psychological activity and word wars.

Ignacio Grimaldi contributed to this report.