June 14, 2024

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The most shocking videos of his anger

(CNN Español) –– The It has been a month since the eruption of the Cumbre Viza volcano in La Palma, Spain This leaves only postcards of the disaster of October 19 and on the island. Volcanic rivers continue to progress uninterrupted until they merge into the ocean, adding to the additional concern about the detrimental effects of this phenomenon. Meanwhile, in the abyss, eruptions do not seem to reduce their intensity. These are some of the most shocking videos of volcanic eruptions these weeks.

The videos capture volcanoes, eruptions and waves of fire flowing down the abyss

The magma erupting the Gumbre Viza volcano in La Palma destroys everything in its path. It’s a powerful current, and it sounds like it’s roaring. Increase the volume and listen.

Listen to how the volcano erupts in La Palma 0:43

Since its eruption in mid-September, the Gumbre Viza volcano has continued to operate in La Palma, occupying territory as it passes. These images show the progress of volcanic flow in the vicinity of La Laguna.

From the volcano the volcano advances above the La Laguna environs 0:38

The first underwater images of the lava delta are found after the eruption of the Cumbre Viza volcano on the island of Palma in Spain. These images will be very useful for scientists to understand the impact and evolution of magma once it reaches the ocean.

The first Spanish volcanic eruption underwater 0:59

A drone flies over the Canary Islands of La Palma to mitigate the day-to-day damage caused by the eruption of the Gumbre Viza volcano. In this case, the device performs the function of bringing food and water to pets in insensitive situations.

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Drone feeds dogs trapped by volcanoes in La Palma 0:54

The intensity of the activity in the crater of the volcano did not rest for several weeks. Recently, it was like a sea of ​​fire, with a huge volcanic eruption breaking over the volcano and covering it with fiery water droplets.

Giant volcanic waves break against the volcano in La Palma 0:56

We have also seen pictures detailing the activity of volcanoes in the volcano: here it bubbles red hot.

This is how the volcanic bubbles of the Gumbre Viza volcano form 0:39

The lava washed away homes, property and buildings. The drone recorded how the volcano reached the garden of a house on the Spanish island of La Palma and submerged a swimming pool.

See how the volcano sinks a pool from the volcano in the Canary Islands 0:55

As the days go by, the eruption of the volcano intensifies and reveals a new abyss, the activity of which seems to continue to erupt:

Volcanic flow intensifies from volcano in La Palma 0:36

In recent days, this drone has seized the power of volcanic rivers flowing through La Palma and destroyed everything in its path.

Drone captures Magma rivers from La Palma volcano 0:40

Also, as a coincidence of nature, lightning was seen in the middle of the volcanic eruption.

Watch the lightning erupt from the Gumbre Viza volcano 0:56

Volcanic rivers pour into the sea

It took no more than two weeks for the volcano coming from the Gumbre Viza volcano to reach the Atlantic Ocean. The incident prompted authorities to ask residents to take refuge as they were emitting harmful gases.

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The moment when the volcano in La Palma touches the sea 0:56

Images captured by drones from different angles show a hot volcano erupting in the ocean.

The drones catch the hot lava flowing into the sea 0:50

This is the shocking path of the Black Volcanoes to the sea.

Look at the path of the black volcano leaving the volcano in La Palma 0:32

After this drone of the Spanish Civil Guard crossed the lava from the volcano, it was able to capture the rise of the destruction of the island.

Look at the devastation left by the volcano in La Palma 1:20