July 18, 2024

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The judge scolds the lawyer for being naked in court

The judge scolds the lawyer for being naked in court
Photo: Screenshot / El Timpo de Colombia

“It’s a very short shower,” a lawyer responded to a judge’s claim, by accident, appearing on camera while drying with a towel.

The Video The facts were published by social networks, according to the first information, which occurred a few days ago in a virtual audience.

The pictures show how the stagecoach stretched and, surprisingly, the object’s camera was turned on.

The bodyguard of a person without freedom appeared in a bathroom. He was then drying his body with a white towel.

The judge, seeing the situation, intervened and took about ten seconds to make strong demands.

“Mr. Defender, I recommend you finish bathing because we saw you naked on camera,” he said.

“There’s a minor,” another speaker said.

“Either go to trial or finish bathing,” the judge continued. “The situation is being recorded. At the point above, the office will take action.”

The investigation was hampered by this incident. Photo: Twitter: JennyR2207

The judge insisted on contempt and tried to keep the matter under wraps. However, seconds passed and he spoke.

Before the silence of the others, the guard, in a low tone, tried to mention the matter.

‘Yours sincerely, I apologize. I took advantage of that moment

The judge replied, “It is assumed that you are using the technical protection of a person who is not free, and in return you are taking a bath, Mr. Defender.”

“No no no. I did not take a bath.

“If so, are you naked to seek judicial action?”.

The lawyer tried to apologize. The judge, however, announced that he would refer the case to the National Judicial Disciplinary Commission because he believed it was “unusual for a lawyer to engage in such conduct at a public hearing.”

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“I was the center of the audience. (…) It’s very short rain”, said the person involved with some stuttering.

The judge summoned the individual to give appropriate explanations to the commission. “It does not treat judicial proceedings with respect and dignity,” he concluded.

At this time, it is not known in which Colombian office this took place and who was involved.

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