October 2, 2023

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The FBI confirms that Covid-19 may have originated in a Wuhan lab

Ray explained that the FBI has specialists who focus on “the dangers of biological threats.”

Courtesy | He asserted that the Chinese government was trying to block the investigation

US Federal Police (FBI) director Christopher Wray believes that the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus was “probably” caused by a leak in a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

“The FBI has maintained for some time that the outbreak may have had its origins in an incident at a laboratory in Wuhan,” Ray told Fox News on Tuesday.

“I note that the Chinese government, it seems to me, is doing everything they can to thwart and obfuscate the work that’s being done here, the work that we’re doing, the work that our U.S. is doing. The government and close foreign partners are doing it. That’s unfortunate for everybody,” the defense chief said.

Ray explained that the FBI has experts who focus on the “dangers of biological threats” that include elements such as the emergence of new viruses like Covid-19, and are concerned that these threats don’t “fall into the wrong hands, a hostile environment or “. nation, a terrorist or a criminal.”

He also asserted that the Chinese government is trying to block international investigations into the origin of the coronavirus.

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