February 21, 2024

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Venezuelan journalist Adriana González denounces racist aggression in Spain


Journalist Adriana González, a migrant since 2014 Spain was insulted and attacked on the night of February 26A victim of the racism that has plagued Venezuelans around the world in recent years.

“There were two drunk drivers coming from the opposite direction in the lane I was supposed to be driving in and they hit me head-on. When I got out of the car, they realized I was Latino, which made them seethe with rage,” said Adriana González, a professor of graphic design at the Central University of Venezuela in Venezuela. .

Gonzalez explained how the attack happened: «I was thrown to the ground, beaten, scratched and bitten. As a result, I corrected cervical lordosis, bite and edema on the back of my head, ankle sprain.

Over 110,000 Venezuelans have migrated from Ecuador to Spain and the United States in the past two years.

Insults against Adriana González Gil, heard in a video broadcast on social networks, because she documented them in her capacity as a journalist and citizen: “You are a Machu Picchu, backward, tribal … garbage, your ancestors eat rice, you are worthless,” an insult and denigration of human dignity. In addition to bad words.

Adriana’s partner, Adrian, was also in the vehicle Rojales was the victim of assaults by these two women in Alicante.

On her Instagram account, Adriana González writes: “I am proudly Latin, Venezuelan and Spanish, because here in Spain I worked and continued my training.”

Cesar Emilio TorresSee_4

Cesar Emilio TorresSee_4

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