December 3, 2023

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“I want Colombia to lower murder rates like the Salvadorans”: Pedro and Buchel clash in El Salvador’s mega-prison

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image source, Reuters


Pedro compared the mega-prison in El Salvador to a concentration camp.

They apparently have a similar goal, but their approaches are diametrically opposed.

Presidents of Colombia, Gustavo Pedroand from El Salvador, Naeeb BukheleThe Twitter spat resulted from the former’s criticism of a high-security mega-prison built to house detained gang members in El Salvador.

At the beginning of February, Bugel opened a prison called “The Center for the Prison of Terrorism”, whose capacity -according to him- Allows housing up to 40,000 inmates.

Three weeks later, the government of El Salvador released a video showing the first 2,000 inmates being transferred to the prison. In Pictures It seems For prisoners in UnderwearWithout shoes or shirt, with a shaved head, handcuffed and chained by the hands and feet.

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