April 20, 2024

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Teen who dated her teacher dies


Caracas.- Citizens of the Dominican Republic are shocked by the deaths Dean 16 years old, Emerald wealth, bled to death in the bathroom of his home in the early hours of February 12 after going out with his math teacher and three of his cousins. The reasons and circumstances surrounding his death are full of confusing elements that even the intelligence agencies in the country have not been able to clarify.

The young woman was studying at Higyu Polytechnic. After the incident came to light, the public ministry demanded the arrest of the teacher who was accompanying the minor John Kelly MartinezThey accused Esmeralda Riches of subjecting her to a violent sexual act.

Here’s what’s known so far about Esmeralda Riches’ case:

-The young man left with his mother’s permission Your math teacher. He assured media in the Dominican Republic that he gave permission because the girl was going with a “trusted teacher,” and he went to her home to find her, the girl’s mother, Isabel Martinez, told CNN.

According to data revealed by intelligence agencies in the Dominican Republic, the 35-year-old professor was with her cousin Ruben Morillo Martinez when he went to pick her up in a car. Three more friends of the young man.

-Then they went to Macau Beach and everyone got out of the car except for John Kelly and Esmeralda who stayed. Alone in the vehicle; This was revealed in the investigation of the minors who accompanied the victim.

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– When they left this place, that teenager There was heavy vaginal bleeding Also, the guys said they had to stop at service stations and even a pharmacy on several occasions to buy sanitary napkins and for her to enter the bathroom.

-One of their stops was in a parking lot in front of a fuel pump, where a young woman gets off to use the restroom of a grocery store. At this point, he leaves traces of blood.

-Reports that at 10:21 p.m., juveniles and adults stopped at a pharmacy and purchased several medications, water and feminine pads. Free daily.

-Esmeralda arrived at her home at 10:50 p.m., pale and bleeding, according to her father, Eligio Richis Castillo.

-Professor John Kelly Martinez assures Esmeralda that “she was fine” when she left Richies at home, while her parents noticed that she was very pale and bleeding, but She insisted it was only due to menstruation.

– Everyone went to sleep at the boy’s house. The next morning, the young woman’s parents found her dead on the bathroom floor of her home. According to the expert report, he died Hemorrhagic shock from genital laceration.

– β€œAt 6:30 in the morning, when I open the door, I see a bloody bed, we go to the bathroom, We see her lying on the floor; I moved it and it was hard”, the minor’s father told CNN.

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On Wednesday, February 15, the remains of Esmeralda Riches were laid to rest. The hearse left Avila’s funeral home for El Bonao Municipal Cemetery, La Odra Banda Community, Higuey Municipality.

On Monday, February 20, a court in the Dominican Republic ordered a teacher of teenagers to be detained for one year. John Kelly Martinez, an action to be met at Anamuya Prison, where the legal process ends and the extent of the boy’s culpability in his death is determined. For his part, cousin Ruben Morillo Martinez will have a limited presentation.

New evidence Death of Esmeralda Richis

On February 25, Magistrate Olga Tina Lavarias, head of the National Directorate for Children, Women, Adolescents and Families, and Rocio Garcia, Magistrate of that institution in the province of La Altagracia, took a small box and where they had to do it. are coming from Pills to prevent pregnancy After unprotected sex.

The pills found were from the brand Emer Pill, whose active ingredient is levonorgestrel, the release said. Free daily.

Another one New evidence found They are a red and yellow sash, brown women’s trousers and a dark blue blouse. A white napkin and pieces of blue plastic bags were also collected.

These entries were thrown by someone Juvenile when they were traveling in the prisoner’s vehicle on La Otra Banda Verone highway.

The above evidence was sent to the Directorate of Science Police for investigation.

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