February 21, 2024

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A fresh earthquake has hit southeastern Turkey, killing one and injuring 69

A fresh earthquake has hit southeastern Turkey, killing one and injuring 69

Nearly two million people are surviving in tents and prefabricated shelters in the region after the earthquakes 3 weeks ago.

A fresh 5.6-magnitude earthquake jolted the southeastern province of Malatya on Monday. TurkeyTurkish authorities have already been informed that one person has died and 69 others have been injured in the powerful earthquake that struck on the 6th.

The earthquake struck at 09:05 GMT with its epicenter ten kilometers south of Malatya, the provincial capital in south-central Anatolia.

The quake killed at least one person and injured 69 others, Yunus Cesar, head of Turkey’s emergency agency AFAD, said on television.

An hour and a half after the earthquake, rescue teams rescued a person trapped in the rubble alive.

According to Education Minister Mahmud Ozer, rescue teams initially rescued 5 people from the rubble of today’s earthquake, which toppled 22 buildings and forced 20 people to be taken to hospital.

The mayor of Yesiliurd municipality, the epicenter of the earthquake, told reporters that the father and daughter were trapped in the rubble after entering a house damaged by previous quakes to collect belongings.

Malatya is one of the 11 affected provinces The magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes that wreaked havoc in southeastern Turkey and northern Syria three weeks agoMore than 43,000 people died and more than 170,000 buildings were completely destroyed in Turkey.

Malatya was one of the relatively moderately affected areas, with 4,000 buildings destroyed or severely damaged.

Since the earthquakes, nearly two million people have been living in tents and prefabricated shelters in the region, which do not stop shaking, or in various reception centers across the country.

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There have been numerous aftershocks in recent weeks, many of them above magnitude 5, which are relatively common in Turkey and usually do not cause damage, but now pose a great danger as buildings already damaged by the first earthquakes collapse.

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