December 10, 2023

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Stranger Things’ Most Shocking Moments Season 4, Vol. 2

Stranger Things' Most Shocking Moments Season 4, Vol.  2

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Stranger Things” revolved largely around the disappearance and appearance of Mike’s best friend, Will Byers. When Will disappeared, Mike called his house every night. Two years later, things have changed. Since Will moved to California, Mike has only called him twice. When the two meet after their six-month separation, Mike continues to reject Will every time he tries to talk to him. Mike doesn’t even notice when Will is crying next to him in the car. If he does, not being asked why demonstrates a deeper shallowness in Mike’s character than we’ve seen thus far.

He’ll even draw a D&D-inspired picture of Mike with a heart on his shield. But once Will learns that Mike feels insecure dating El, he tells Mike that El asked him to paint a picture of him. He will then give an emotional speech expressing his feelings as “El”. That moment that almost came over Mike’s head. Fortunately, Jonathan heard that soliloquy and later hugged his brother saying he loved him unconditionally.

Fans have assumed Will has been in love with Mike for some time. The cast and crew of Stranger Things He promised that “Breadcrumbs” was no accident, and that the fourth season would confirm Will’s sexuality. The show revolved around marketing around Will, which left many (myself included) feeling upset. The Duffer Brothers have since mentioned it The duality of that discourse It will be explained in the fifth season.