May 19, 2024

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Video of an injury accident on the set of Eddie Murphy's movie “The Pickup” published by The New York Times

Video of an injury accident on the set of Eddie Murphy's movie “The Pickup” published by The New York Times

Video footage of an accident that occurred on the set of an Eddie Murphy movie Pick-up Released today by The New York Times.

Cellphone video of the April 20 accident shows an SUV and an armored truck colliding, then overturning after veering off the road. New York times I got the footage and shared it on Wednesday. Two people were taken to hospital and several others were injured.

In the video published by The Times, an armored truck is seen driving alongside an SUV and then swerving toward it. This action caused both vehicles to move off the road and into the grass. The armored truck then rolls over the SUV, with both vehicles flipping over completely before landing upright. The video ends with the body of a person hanging from the door of the armored truck.

The exact cause of the accident has not been revealed, although reports indicate that the truck was supposed to collide with the SUV as part of a stunt sequence. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees are investigating.

“On April 20, an accident occurred on the set of The Pickup while rehearsing a second unit action sequence. Unfortunately, the sequence did not go as planned and several crew members were injured,” an Amazon MGM Studios spokesperson said in a statement on Tuesday. “As a result, we are still gathering the facts about what happened and why, but first and foremost, our thoughts are with those who are recovering. The well-being of the entire crew and cast is our first priority, and we will continue to insist on the highest safety standards in the industry during filming. All safety precautions were reviewed prior to filming and observed during filming.

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