June 17, 2024

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Spanish far-right war against “communist threat” begins in Colombia: What you need to know about the ‘Madrid Forum’

Vox, Spain’s far-right party, continues to monitor Latin America. Beginning this Friday, just months before the presidential election in Colombia, the political organization, through the Ticenso Foundation, celebrates the ‘Madrid Forum’ in Bogot to warn of what is said to be a “communist threat” in Colombia.

“The aim is to unite the leaders of the democracies on both sides of the Atlantic to warn of the threat posed by the election victory of the Sao Paulo Forum and its allies in the Puebla Group.” He says Meeting notice.

According to its organizers, the event has the next elections in Colombia and Brazil this year, where the left has a clear chance of winning, which will be for the far right of Spain. “The very existence of democracy, freedom and the rule of law in the whole region is in danger.”.

In the particular case of Colombia, the ‘Madrid Forum’ shamelessly attacks left-wing candidate Gustavo Pedro, believing that the political agenda of the historic agreement represents a “threat” to the South American nation. The document supporting the call is the so-called Madrid Charter, which “collected 10,000 signatures condemning the behavior of the far left in the Irosphere and pledges to work together to counter it.”

Between Signatories From that document, it is not just representatives of the far right in the region who are being investigated for corruption, such as former presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori in Peru; Venezuelan President, Maria Corina Machado; Former Chilean presidential candidate Jose Antonio Cast; Brazilian Senator Eduardo Bolzano; Or the controversial Argentine senator Javier Milei, but controversial personalities from regional politics, including Arturo Murillo, the former minister of Bolivia’s current government, who is currently imprisoned in the United States.

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Tents of Vox

Since last year, the head of Vox in Spain, Santiago Abascal, Advertising The will of the political system he leads to broaden his vision beyond the European nation. Without elaborating, he clarified that its purpose was to create an “international framework” that would act as a “real opposition to the defense of freedoms and democracy.”

That is why the conference agenda focuses on condemning the “attack on Western values,” which means to Vox the progress of the left in countries such as Colombia, where the historic conservative political tradition thanks to monstrosity. In the progressive fields, they always sought to connect with the armed insurgency.

In the text of the call, they promise that the next elections in Colombia will be a “model of protecting private property, devolution of power, transfer of power and independence” or “retreat towards communism.”

At the beginning of the event, Abascal sent a video message to the participants: “The time has come Stand up against criminal organizations Guided by the tyranny of Havana and Caracas. ”In his regular offensive against Cuba and Venezuela, the politician emphasized the need to resist the influence of the regional left, which, in his opinion, seeks to overthrow democracies by leading them to dictatorial agendas. “.

The appointment in the Colombian capital does not include descriptions of Alejandro Bena Esclosa, a fugitive from Venezuela, or the former Bolivian minister Carlos Sanchez Borzoi, but senators like Maria Fernandez Caballo and Paloma Valencia. Members, as well as Margarita Restrepo, representative of the Democratic Center. They have all signed the Charter of Madrid.

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Complaints against Pedro

Prior to the call, which openly denigrated Pedro’s candidacy, organizers denounced the “threats” of Colombian groups supporting the political agenda of the historic agreement.

In a statement, the Madrid forum described the social organizations with Pedro as “rogue groups” affiliated with “partners of the narco-communist left” and vowed to “boycott” the crowd in Bogot. Honesty of International Participants and Guests “.

However, no violence was reported outside the venue other than in a peaceful manner.

“Foro Madrid is directly responsible for these threats and possible acts of violence,” organizers pointed out. However, the leading candidate in all the polls is the preferred candidate for the presidency He did not mention the incident.

The far right is on alert

The truth is that the far right is beginning to express itself with the intention of gaining territory. Last year, with the arrival of left-wing leaders such as Pedro Castillo in Peru, there was an undeniable change in the political schedule in Latin America; Strengthening the leadership of Andres Manuel Lபpez Obrador and Alberto Fernandez in Mexico and Argentina; The resurgence of integration efforts such as the Community of the American and Caribbean States (CELAC) has aroused the concern of extremist organizations such as the Lima Group (born within the organization of the United States) combined with the weakness of forums. Vox.

Siomara Castro’s recent victory in Honduras and Gabriel Boric’s visit to Chile are encouraging Abbaskal to accelerate. This Friday, in his brief virtual message, he admitted: “It’s not easy (…) The situation in the developing countries of the Irosphere is of great concern“.

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The strategy to thwart this progress has not lost its core point: targeting Venezuela and Cuba as regular adversaries, discrediting the S சாo Paulo forum and the Puebla group, and branding the anti-rights agenda as “freedom”.

The most interesting thing about this “crusade” is that the same party that attacked the immigrants in Spain, most of them from Latin America, is leading a movement in the region to impose a political hegemony, racism, sexism and racism. , Low Eurocentric view of a concept like the iprosphere‘.

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