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Russia explains why US Deputy Foreign Minister fired


18 Feb 2022 10:11 GMT

The diplomat’s departure was confirmed yesterday by the US embassy in Moscow.

The ouster, announced yesterday by Bartle Gorman, deputy head of the US embassy in Moscow, reflects a reciprocal move in response to Washington’s similar decision.

Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov explained this at a press conference on Friday Appointment Toss

Asked if the expulsion would further escalate bilateral tensions, Peskov said: “This is not a provocative move. This is the answer to a provocation“.

The U.S. embassy yesterday confirmed that a Russian embassy official on par with Gorman had left the North American country in January this year “after his term expired”.

At the same time, they stressed that the ambassador to Washington should have a valid visa, and described Moscow’s decision as a step towards enhancing relations between the two countries.

In turn, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Jazarova stressed that Korman’s ouster was a reciprocal move. Washington ignores Moscow’s request to extend Russian diplomat’s asylum At least until he gets replaced. However, he eventually had to leave the United States, and his position was vacant.

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