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A 14-year-old man comes to his house with a gun, and the girl’s father kills him.

A 14-year-old man comes to his house with a gun, and the girl’s father kills him.


19 Feb 2022 02:13 GMT

The man will not be prosecuted because the martial law in Florida (USA) protects him for the fair use of the power of death.

18-year-old Eric Rohan Justin was obsessed with 14-year-old dictator star Ava Majuri. After texting him, the girl led him to stop, and the young man drove to his home in Naples (Florida, USA) with a gun, where the minor’s father killed him with his pistol, reports this Thursday. New York Times.

The incidents took place on At 10 July 2020But when the young woman and her family spoke to the American media to share this traumatic experience for the first time they had not come to light until now.

In early 2020, the teen noticed a follower identified as EricJustin111 trying to get her attention on the platform comments and sending her personal messages on Snapchat and Instagram.

Blocked on all accounts

Later, she learned that her friends were selling personal information such as her photos and his phone number to the boy. The young man came to give some money $ 300 for two films The face of ‘Dictoker’.

Details of the amounts they are willing to pay when the follower sends you a message “Photos of her butt” And from his feet, she locked him in all his accounts, after which he sent her $ 627.68 in Venmo and begged her to open it.

At one point, the girl’s father, retired police lieutenant Rob Majuri, contacted Justin and asked him to stop writing to his daughter because she was too young. After that, the young man told several of Ava’s classmates that he planned to physically assault her.

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“Keyboard Daredevils”

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The girl told her parents that she knew about the threat. However, after examining the user’s location, they discovered that he lived hundreds of miles away in Ellicott City, Maryland, so he assured her that he was “one of those keyboard daredevils”.

Shortly afterwards, however, Justin arrived at Majorie’s home and tried to force his way inside with a gun. Rob stretched out his gun and went outside to meet him Ordered to drop the gun Gun, but the boy pointed it at him, at which point the family’s father shot him. The young man was holding two cell phones containing thousands of photos and videos of Ava.

Police told the man he would not be prosecuted because of a law restricting the legitimate use of deadly force in Florida because of a defensive law called ‘Stand Your Ground’ (Spanish for ‘stop or shoot’).

Following the incident, the Tic Tac Toe star and his family decided to move house. Ava though He thought of leaving social networksWith parental support he decided to pursue them for two reasons: the economic income he received and the experience that made others smile and the impact it would have on the lives of some of them.

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