April 19, 2024

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Rosario: Two suspects were arrested for the crime of beachcomber Bruno Busanich

Rosario: Two suspects were arrested for the crime of beachcomber Bruno Busanich
These are the new tests for Beechman's crime

Two 19-year-old suspects have been arrested During nine concurrent trials for the Sandpiper crime Bruno BusanichActivated by a Attacker At a service station Cougar of Rosary beads This Saturday, sources in the case indicated Infobay.

Procedures carried out by the Santa Fe Police, They were held around 7th September. At an address in the 7800 block of Schweitzer, special operations troops (TOE) were detained. Diego Andres b. A 19-year-old smuggler of cell phones and clothes with Visible blood stains.

“It was a pair of jogging pants and a long-sleeved shirt,” sources in the case told this media outlet.

In an 1800s house in Las Arenas, meanwhile, Another suspect was arrested. Identified as Diciano Uriel C., 19 years old, two cell phones were stolen from him. Authorities also seized other electronic devices.

The murderer who killed Busanich
The murderer who killed Busanich

Two young men who were belatedly transferred to the Special Internal Affairs Unit They will be identified through fingerprinting and subjected to scopometric and photographic testsBy order of the attorney Adrian SpeldaThe person in charge of the case.

As sources confirmed to this media, None of those arrested would be the main perpetrators of the Beach Man crime.Ten million pesos wanted today with reward.

The same sources support it Among the suspects will be one of the accomplices Seen in the killer's getaway car.

Santa Fe police raided a home
Santa Fe police raided a home

Both the inmates will be part of a criminal group “Little Gang” From the neighborhood of 7th September, not far from the gas station where the 25-year-old beachgoer was murdered.

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For now, the two suspects are being held while the prosecutor awaits the outcome of some proceedings to define their situation.

Authorities discovered a new death threat this morning referring to Governor Maximiliano BullaroSubject to strict controls, provincial prisons maintain strong tensions with high-level drug inmates.

The message says: “We are going to kill until Bullaro stops. North South West Region. “Do not betray the one who warns.” (sic). Below is a diagram that shows a speaker diagonally. Researchers suspect that It's emblematic of how Newell's fans treat Rosario Central fans.They call it “talking” or “choking”.

There was a hint Found in front of a woman's home at 1200 Cayetano Silva Street, on the northern side, a short distance from PAMI 2 Polyclinic. The place was not shot. The owner will now have no connection with the underworld. She herself reported the news to the authorities.

A threatening note
A threatening note

This was not the only threat on Monday night. Evidence in the case confirmed it Two suspects on a motorcycle threatened the waste collectorsThe route had to be changed in the middle of the mission.

The threat came after the arrival of federal forces in Rosario, a joint decision between the nation, Patricia Bulrich's Ministry of Defense and the Bullaro administration after four crimes last week and the victims were taxi drivers. Diego Celentano and Hector Figueroa; Bus driver Marcos Caiola And Sandpiper BusanichHe was shot at his workplace.

The attacker left a note: “This war is not about territory, it's against Pullaro and Coccioni … We want our rights, it's for all prisoners”And the letter announcing the deaths of innocent people said: “Enough of the continued humiliation of the family,” he concluded.

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