June 16, 2024

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Ron DeSantis signs legislation to help non-English speakers in Florida

Ron DeSantis signs legislation to help non-English speakers in Florida

last week, Ron DeSantis With his signature, he passed 16 laws that have already been discussed and approved by the legislators. At this time, Florida will have a free interpreter for non-English speakers.

Ron DeSantis helps non-English speakers

In a particular electoral event, Ron DeSantis Last week he signed 16 laws and promulgated them after debate and approval by legislators.

One of these regulations modifies laws relating to state assistance to people involved in judicial proceedings. Florida. In such a situation, the government will focus on providing free translators to those who do not speak English.

This change will reach a good portion of Florida’s Spanish-speaking and Latino population; Until now, it was only the right of the underprivileged.

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DeSantis signed more laws

This week, Ron DeSantis signed a significant number of laws that will change the daily lives of citizens Florida.

A Republican governor signed the bill into law HB 1069. It allowed challenge in cases where books or teaching materials in public schools in the state contained ‘obscene images’ or topics related to sexuality education and gender identity and sexual orientation.

The intention was to use the device for political purposes, according to the report PEN America is an organization for literature and free expressionIn the half year between 2023 and 2024, Florida had 3,135 book ban cases.

Hence the law HB 1285 The school district limits the number of books non-children can challenge to a maximum of one objection per month.

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The new regulations will go into effect July 1 and DeSantis said in an interview with the Florida Phoenix: “If you’re someone who doesn’t have a child in school, and you’re going to object to 100 books, I don’t think so. appropriate.”

Ron DeSantis

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DeSantis against Communism

Florida’s governor signed into law SB 1264, which mandates lessons on the history of communism for elementary and middle school students. Content has to do with the “dangers and evils” of this ideology.

DeSantis noted: “We will not allow our students to live in ignorance or be taught in schools by communist sympathizers. Instead, let’s make sure Florida students are taught the truth about the evils and dangers of Communism.

According to the regulations, subjects in government schools must be “age and development appropriate for each class”. In addition, they will be developed and produced by the Florida Department of Education to enforce the law and prevent “the growing communist threat in the United States” and “communist-directed atrocities abroad.” .

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Acts signed by DeSantis

Including the aforementioned provision, these are 16 laws signed by Ron DeSantis during the campaign.

HB1473 School safety.

HB1509 in public records.

HB285, which also addresses public records.

HB1077 Modifies judicial staffing issues.

HB761 focuses on protections in domestic violence cases.

HB7067 Changes requirements for pre-trial restraining orders in certain cases.

HB405 Changes regulations for commercial vehicles.

HB341 Changes to vehicle registration.

HB1393, Court Interpreter Act.

HB197 adds regulations for massage businesses.

SB1136 addresses water regulations.

SB1532 Access to loans to improve water quality.