April 18, 2024

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Puno government declares three days of mourning for massacres in Juliaca, Peru | news

In the framework of demonstrations held in different parts of the country against the president, the regional government of Puno observed three days of mourning across the department for the 17 deaths recorded during the repression of protests this Monday in Juliaca, San Román province. of Peru, Tina Poluiarte.

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Death toll from police crackdown rises to 17 in Juliaca, Peru

A decree signed by Governor Richard Hanko Sonko provides that all public institutions in the Puno region will fly the flag at half-mast and observe regional mourning on January 10, 11 and 12.

The document calls on “the public prosecutor’s office to initiate investigations against those responsible for these disgraceful events that mourn the region of Puno.”

Likewise, the regional government rejected “any act of violence and excessive use of public force by the Peruvian National Police and the Peruvian Armed Forces in the city of Juliaca.

On the other hand, given the growing protests against the Peruvian government, especially in the well-known region of the Altiplano, community organizations are demanding an end to police repression at a time when appointed officials are demanding a vote of confidence. Congress in an environment of uncertainty.

The head of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otorola, will hold a round of talks with several benches in Parliament this Tuesday morning to seek their support, although after the massacre in Juliaca, it is uncertain whether that process will move forward.

The city of Juliaca held a sixth consecutive day of anti-government protests on Monday, demanding the resignation of President-elect Tina Bolvarte, the shutdown of Congress, new elections for 2023 and other demands.

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Clashes near the airport that day killed 17 protesters, bringing a total of 45 dead in protests across the country that began last December. In addition, Jaime Herrera, Telesur’s collaborator in Peru, pointed out that “a burnt policeman was found next to his patrol car” in Juliaca.

Transport and Communications Minister Paola Lazarte pointed out that 44 transport stations on highways have been blocked to date due to protests in the interior of the country.

“Currently, we have 44 intercepted transit points and nine restricted points in six regions of the country, which are Puno, Amazonas, Apurímac, Cusco, Arequipa and Madre de Dios,” he said.

In an open letter to the Peruvian people, the Round Table for the Fight against Poverty of the Puno Region and the Province of San Román condemned the repression of Juliaca, pointing out that the ministerial version they presented this Monday “does not correspond to reality.”

“We make it clear that what the Prime Minister and the Ministers of Defence, Home Affairs, Health and Transport have said is not true,” the roundtable pointed out. Coup stage. Under these conditions, any dialog notification is a salute to the flag”.

We demand reconciliation and reparations expressed in concrete and honest actions, because of the contempt of government representatives and their lack of responsibility for these events that took place in Juliaca, Ayacucho, Apurimac, Arequipa, Cusco and elsewhere alone. Concert schedule.

He noted the collapse of the Carlos Monge Metrato Hospital in Juliaca, resulting in hundreds of injuries in recent days of police repression in the city, which also extended to members of the police who confronted protesters.

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In this regard, the health authorities said that there is a shortage of medicines and blood units to care for the injured; as well as food for the families of the injured.

On the other hand, the session of the National Agreement, which unites the three levels of the Peruvian state “with the aim of seeking a consensus in favor of peace” in the South American country, was suspended after the death toll. Demonstrations.

The National Convention is a forum for dialogue and consensus building made up of the President, the President of the Council of Ministers, the National Assembly of Regional Governments, the Association of Municipalities of Peru, the Congress and the political parties represented in the political parties. Major civil society organizations with national representation.