May 22, 2024

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Polling stations closed in Nicaragua after general election | News

Nicaraguan election officials began closing polling stations after the general election, which was attended by a large number of citizens and was completely quiet.

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Nicaraguan CSE recognizes election comrades

In this Democratic Party, approximately 4.5 million Nicaraguans are empowered to exercise their voting right to elect 92 seats in the National Assembly, 20 seats in the Central American Parliament, and the office of President and Vice President.

The Electoral Police appreciated the overwhelming participation of citizens in this new call for democracy to update the already mentioned popular election positions.

A report from Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) officials is expected in the next few hours, where they will present the broad balance of the day and reports of the first results.

It should be noted that there is no compulsory voting in the Central American country, although the trend of citizens in the centers is stable and no empty boxes are found.

International comrades from Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia reiterated that the electoral process was conducted in full default and that their role was based on respect for the country’s sovereignty.

“It was strange when we heard some voices not even recognizing elections when elections were not even taking place in Europe, and we considered this absurd and disruptive approach,” the Russian observer said.

The Russian comrade thought that the election process had a great structure and provided all the guarantees, “Election day is not over yet, it is necessary to count, until now it is a transparent situation,” he said.

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“Even in the epidemiological context of Kovit-19 (…) the electoral process is organized and the participation of the youth attracts our attention,” the Russian parliamentary deputy explained.

For his part, Francisco Diaz, director of the Nicaraguan National Police, stressed that there is a “major” turnout in this Sunday’s general election in Nicaragua.

“The voting is huge, peaceful and peaceful. The election process continues in complete peace and quiet,” Thias said in a statement collected by Nicaraguan TV channel TN8.

On the other hand, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada insisted that Nicaraguans select Central American officials.

“They are not imperialist powers. It must be very clear,” he stressed, adding that “if the election is fair, transparent and legal, it is not up to the international community to define the authorities by their intervention.”

In Nicaragua, 13,459 polling stations approved by the Supreme Election Commission for Presidential and Legislative Elections opened at 7:00 this Sunday. About 4,478. 334 Nicaraguans over the age of 16 were invited to exercise their right to vote.