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The passenger, who caused a medical emergency at the Palma de Mallorca airport, had already been detained in Spain in 2020.


8 November 2021 13:36 GMT

The forced landing to see the person led to a flight of about 20 foreign passengers at a Spanish airport.

A passenger on a flight between Morocco and Turkey made an emergency landing at Palma Airport (in Mallorca, Spain) due to a medical crisis, with about 20 passengers already stranded in 2020.

A traveler from Morocco 12 prisoners To the forced event Airport operations should be stopped They were in Sand Joan for several hours last Friday. In 2020, the same subject was arrested in Spanish territory and charged with resisting damage and security agents.

In the last incident, in the middle of the plane, a person had to be treated Diabetes is said to be a coma. The plane made an emergency landing at about 7:00 (local time) and the patient was taken to Son Llàcer Hospital by ambulance. During the episode, several passengers on the plane, mostly Moroccans, ran on the runway.

The airport was temporarily closed as civil police agents searched for them. Air deflection. The passenger, who caused the emergency, was charged and arrested at the same hospital after being discharged Is in favor of illegal immigration and violation of immigration law. The remaining prisoners were arrested nearby.

All of the accused are due to appear in court this Monday General disorder, Although it has not been ruled out that other offenses may be imposed on them. Meanwhile, police are investigating whether the incident took place Organized by the Facebook group Young people talk about how to get into Spain by plane.

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Aina Galvo, a government spokeswoman in the Balearic Islands, said detainees would “at least have a file to withdraw because they must remember that they came to the community in an irregular manner, and when the judiciary decides. Returned to their home countries“.