June 20, 2024

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Edinburgh College told elementary school children to wear skirts ‘for equality’

Edinburgh College told elementary school children to wear skirts 'for equality'
The news speaks to the fact that the clothes are sexless. Photo: iStock

Company Castleview MainIn Edinburgh, children and teachers were asked to go to class in skirts for equality.

This event was severely criticized by parents and some internet users.

The Daily Mail reported that the email, which contained the information, stated that “trousers and leggings can be worn under the skirt if required”.

In fact, school orders insisted that if they did not have clothing at home, they would provide it.

Why did the movement originate?

The discriminatory act took place last year. Photo: iStock

The movement, driven by Castleview Primary, was inspired by the discrimination lawsuit in Spain last year.

On November 4, 2020, a child was expelled from a Spanish company for wearing a skirt to class.

The boy’s teachers and classmates showed solidarity with him, wearing a skirt, in a movement to promote equality.

Also, in subsequent years they ordered November 4th to be “the day to go to school with a skirt in Spain”, the aforementioned media reported.

Apparently, the story was told to the children of the aforementioned primary school and they were the ones who encouraged these orders.

What did the email say?

Edinburgh College told elementary school children to wear skirts 'for equality'
The company is headquartered in Castleview, Edinburgh. Photo: iStock

The ‘Daily Mail’ reported that the e-mail spoke about the instructions for implementing this new method of advertising and the feelings felt by the teachers. Equality And additions.

“We want our school to be inclusive and promote equality.” “We are interested in spreading the message that clothing is gender neutral and that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves in the way we want.”

In addition, the school clarified that participation is purely voluntary. Children who did not want to dress had the option not to do so.

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What are your thoughts on this?

Many parents and internet users did not accept the company’s request and expressed their opinion on social networks.

According to the Daily Mail, some comments: “My son is five years old, he got this from school! Let the kids be the kids ”and“ If a child wants to wear a skirt to school, they should be allowed to, but why should people be told to wear a skirt or look kind of intolerant.

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