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British couple discover a 15th century miniature gold Bible “exceptionally unique” with a metal detector

British couple discover a 15th century miniature gold Bible “exceptionally unique” with a metal detector


7 November 2021 11:35 GMT

It was discovered near York City on land believed to have belonged to the wife or sister of the King of England and Lord Richard III of Ireland between 1483 and 1485.

A British couple have discovered an unusual miniature gold Bible suspected to belong to an aristocratic or medieval royal family. This unusual object was discovered when the couple searched through a metal detector for items of historical value near York City. Reports The Times.

According to Buffy Bailey, she and her husband found a small Bible measuring 1.5 centimeters long and weighing about 5 grams, buried shallowly on a farm on land believed to belong to the wife or sister of King Richard III of England. Lord of Ireland between 1483 and 1485.

According to the woman, when she received the signal from the detector, she thought it was of little value. However, after retrieving and cleaning it, he realized that an unusual piece had been found.

Experts believe that the monument was made of 22 or 24 carat gold and engraved with images of St. Leonardo and St. Margaret, which may have been used as protective amulets during pregnancy and childbirth. XV century.

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For his part, Julian Evan-Hart, editor of Treasure Hunting magazine, described the area as an iconographic work and “exceptionally unique” historical artifact, highlighting the great similarities with Middleham jewelry; The Yorkshire Museum paid more than $ 3.3 million in 1992 and is suspected to have been made by the same artist.

Currently, the piece is valued by experts at the York Museum, which, according to its owner, will be worth more than $ 134,000 and will decide whether or not to purchase it once its value is established.

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