April 19, 2024

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PlayStation VR2 production temporarily halted as inventory 'backlogs' – report

PlayStation VR2 production temporarily halted as inventory 'backlogs' – report

Production of the PlayStation VR2 headset has been discontinued, a new report says, as Sony struggles to turn over a growing pile of unsold units.

Bloomberg It states that PSVR2 sales have continued to slow, while inventory of the unit has begun to rise.

Sony has now reportedly made more than two million units of the PS5 VR headset, although the company has not revealed sales figures since May 2023.

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Ian from Eurogamer plays PlayStation VR2.

Sony itself has not yet commented on the report.

Bloomberg has repeatedly reported on the PSVR2's performance, writing in January 2023 that Sony had reduced its planned shipments of the headset after disappointing pre-order numbers. In response, Sony denied that it had reduced production of the PSVR2, and said that it had noticed “enthusiasm” from fans of the device.

Two months later, Bloomberg wrote that Sony had sold fewer than 300,000 PSVR2 headsets in the first six weeks. Sony later said that it sold 600,000 PSVR2 units in the device's first six weeks – slightly more than the first PlayStation VR headset managed in the same time frame.

Sony has not provided any update on PSVR2 sales performance since then.

The PSVR2 costs £530 / $550 / €600 without the game, or £570 / $600 / €650 in a bundle with Horizon Call of the Mountain. You can also purchase a £40/$50/€50 controller charging dock, which lets you charge your controllers without plugging them into your PS5. Naturally, you'll also need a PS5.

Last month, Sony quietly confirmed that it had begun testing PSVR2 compatibility with PC.

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