December 10, 2023

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My daughter lost her blood


Caracas.- The case of the Dominican teenager Emerald wealth, 16 years old, runs its course. It became known this week The young woman died of hemorrhagic shock caused by a ruptured vaginaAccording to a preliminary autopsy report by National Forensic Pathologist Sergio Sarita Valdez.

The event caused a stir in the Dominican Republic and countries in the region because it was known as the Youth He bled to death in the bathroom of his home on February 12 After coming from a walk with three friends, his math teacher, John Kelly Martinez and his cousin Ruben Morillo.

Mother’s testimony

Speaking to the news network CNN On February 21, the victim’s mother said she allowed her daughter to go out because she was with the teacher. However, after Esmeralda’s death, He regrets trusting Martinez.

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In one part of his testimony, he commented on what was the moment he found his dead daughter. “When I wake up in the morning, I saw my daughter thrown away. My daughter bled to death, she lost her blood. My daughter was lying in a pool of blood in the bathroom,” said a teary Malka.

Minor’s father, Eligio Ricci, offered a similar story. At 6:30 a.m. they opened the bedroom door and noticed blood on the bed, then went to the bathroom and found him face down on the floor. Express: “Oh, maiden of Altacracia, our girl is dead.”

The mother commented that when her daughter came back from a walk she was supposed to be on, she noticed something strange about her and even believed they were making out. drugs Because he looked at her pale. However, the girl assured that she had nothing. The next day she was already dead.

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Forensic report and suspect, John Kelly Martinez

According to the forensic report, which can be changed as the introduction is preliminary, the teenager’s body was laced with bruises, bruises and lacerations, leading to her death. Severe external and internal bleeding and hemorrhagic shock.

However, forensic pathologist Sergio Sarita Valdez points out that the submitted report lacks the details to draw a conclusion. The data known so far is preliminary; They may change if new evidence emerges, so the final report is awaited.

On the other hand, the postmortem was not conducted by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (INASIF) as it was not declared a violent death.

The main suspect in the young student’s death is the teacher John Kelly Martinez, who Pretrial Detention From February 20. He must remain in Anamuya prison until legal proceedings are concluded and his responsibility in the young woman’s death is determined.

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Meanwhile, investigations into the case continue and Dominican authorities investigate to find those responsible for the death of this young woman, who was much loved in her community.

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