May 26, 2024

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Minors with a pedophile in Medellin provided false Venezuelan IDs

Minors with a pedophile in Medellin provided false Venezuelan IDs

In a dangerous twist occurred in the residential sector Gotham of MedellinIt was revealed that the minors were in the company of a citizen North American They carried Fake Venezuelan ID cards.

Juan David Pasani Montoya, Managing Partner of Riveros Pasani Abogados, is representing the firm. Tourist houses The place where the events took place gave shocking details about the incident during an interview.

  • Bazzani Montoya stressed that the establishment where the incident took place was a tourist lodge and not a regular hotel. He explained that these kinds of characteristics. Managed by sites like Airbnb, they operate autonomously without reception staff at the entranceThis makes entry restrictions difficult.

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    Even so, according to the prosecutor's story, a security guard initially prevented minors and adults from entering because they presented Venezuelan ID cards, documents that are not valid according to the establishment's policies. If they are foreigners, they have to submit their passport. Additionally, it was clear that minors were not of legal age, even if they tried to identify themselves with a false document. however, Then, using the guard's supervision, they sneaked in with the help of a 10-year-old boy.He acted as Manimozhi.

    This incident shows that Exploitation of minors in the context of sex tourism In Colombia. Bazzani Montoya expressed his displeasure at the situation, highlighting the urgency of taking more drastic measures to combat this scourge.

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    Additionally, previous incidents were known at a similar property managed by the same company A foreign national was deported for organizing parties in the presence of minors and related activities Adultery.

    Regarding legal proceedings, Bazzani Montoya cooperates closely with the authorities and provides all relevant information to clarify the facts. Both the attorney general's office and the attorney general's office have launched investigations to determine liability and take appropriate legal action.

    The lawyer ended up doing one It called on authorities to strengthen controls and take effective measures Against sex tourism and violations of the rights of children and adolescents in Colombia. He urged the society to unite to build a country where minors are protected and respected.

    This case highlights the urgent need to address sex tourism and the problem comprehensively. Child exploitation In the country, strengthening security and control mechanisms in tourism establishments to prevent such incidents in future.

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    • The minors at the Gotham Hotel in Medellin, in the company of Timothy Alan Livingston, had false Venezuelan identification cards.

    • The company that owns Gotham in Medellin has already evicted an American pedophile from one of its properties.

      Gotham's main shareholder is a Canadian businessman who owns several properties in Medellin.

    • ICBF will support Timothy Allen Livingston's extradition request to Colombia

      ICBF's General Director, Astrid Cáceres, held a meeting with the Mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, regarding the extradition request.