June 16, 2024

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Mexico grants political asylum to former Ecuadorian vice president – DW – 04/05/2024

Mexico grants political asylum to former Ecuadorian vice president – DW – 04/05/2024

Government of Mexico In a statement released on Friday (04/05/2024), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it has decided to grant “political asylum” to former Vice President Jorge Claus of Ecuador, who is taking refuge in the country's embassy in Quito.

The official decision was announced at a time of diplomatic tension after Daniel Nobo's government ordered the expulsion of Mexico's ambassador to the country, Raquel Serur, on Thursday.

Before issuing an official statement, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Ecuador accused the government of “excessive use of force” and “arrogance” as the South American country's national police surrounded the Mexican embassy in Quito.

“I saw with great arrogance the use of excessive force surrounding the embassy, ​​but so are the Fasos,” the president announced in his morning briefing.

Even so, he made it clear that Mexico would not sever ties with Ecuador or take similar measures. Quito declared Serur “non grata” in response to López Obrador's comments about the assassination of former presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio and its electoral consequences.

The Mexican leader linked Ecuador's reaction to the protection offered by the Mexican embassy George GlassVice President during the order of Rafael Correa (2007-2017), he was prosecuted for embezzlement in December 2023 at the Mexican diplomatic headquarters.

Lopez Obrador He confirmed that his government is considering bringing former Vice President Klaus to MexicoHe was released at the end of 2022 after serving five years in prison for bribery and receiving eight and six years in prison for illegal contacts.

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“What does the government of Ecuador want? That we will give it to him. We cannot do that because Mexico has a foreign policy of protecting persecuted people,” he argued.

The president noted that Mexico's “right to asylum” and “sovereignty” “must be respected so that the embassy cannot be raided.”

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Ecuadorian soldiers and police stand guard outside the Mexican embassy in Quito on Friday 04/05/2024.Image: Dolores Ochoa/AP/Image Alliance