July 18, 2024

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Maybe the edges of the Pixel watch weren’t so bad

Maybe the edges of the Pixel watch weren’t so bad

Google Pixel Watch design teaser that rose last week It definitely got some of us excited. It’s clear that Google has spent a lot of time refining the look of its first smartwatch to give it a unique and distinctive style. This in no way means that it is perfect. The most common (and obvious) complaint generated by this video was about the watch’s bezel size, leading at least one of our readers to call it a “Pixel Watch (Bezel Edition)”.

As funny as that nickname is, the guy wasn’t wrong – the bezel, especially in the shot of the clock face with the numbers at each 5-minute mark, wasn’t amazing. In fact, it made the watch look like it had a great deal of bezel that we haven’t seen since the early smartwatch days.

Then today, Google posted a similar video (over here) to her Google Taiwan channel that has definitely been edited from the video we watched last week, as we spotted This user is reddit. In nearly every shot of the watch face, the face itself has been expanded outward, creating the visible of a smaller bezel. You can see this below in the GIF mix we did in the watch face view of each video.

So that’s good news, isn’t it? Or are we now wondering which video has the correct representation? I guess we won’t really know until the watch is official and we see it in person.

Fortunately, that should be October 6. Please hurry up, time.