July 18, 2024

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Maduro calls Bolsanaro “stupid” for comments about vaccines

Maduro calls Bolsanaro “stupid” for comments about vaccines

(CNN) – Competing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called Brazilian President Jair Bolzano “awkward” in a televised speech on Tuesday, citing unsubstantiated allegations. The Brazilian leader says the Govt-19 vaccine could increase the risk of AIDS.

“We need to promote vaccination, vaccination, vaccination,” Maduro said on state television, adding: “Jair Bolsanaro’s idiot in Brazil. Stupid! Clown.

He told the public during a live broadcast: Bolsanaro has gone mad that the corona virus vaccine, a product of world science, protects lives that cause AIDS.

Facebook removed a video from the weekly live broadcast A Brazilian Facebook spokesman told CNN on Sunday that there was no evidence that the Covit-19 vaccine could increase the risk of HIV infection. In a broadcast last Thursday, Bolsanaro cited a fake story, saying that UK government studies show that fully vaccinated people are developing AIDS “faster than expected”. Experts told CNN that there were no such studies. According to experts, vaccines against Govt-19 are very effective and the possibility of an adverse reaction is rare.

Facebook has deleted a controversial video of Bolzano 1:47

“Our policies do not allow allegations that the COVID-19 vaccine kills people or causes serious harm,” a Facebook spokesman said.

Maduro’s comments came on the same day that former US President Donald Trump endorsed Bolzano. In a statement shared by his chief spokesman, Trump said: “President Jair Bolsanaro and I have become best friends in recent years. He fights hard and loves the people of Brazil, as I do for the American people. “

Trump said in Brazil that “a man like Jair Bolzano is lucky to work for them” and called him a “great president” who said he would “never abandon the people of his great country”.

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In a camera interview with TV Joomla Bon News on Wednesday, Bolzano said: “It’s now a crime to talk about vaccines. They are blocking you, removing your page, not allowing you to suspect vaccines.”