April 19, 2024

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Macron warns Netanyahu of possible war crime – DW – 03/24/2024

Macron warns Netanyahu of possible war crime – DW – 03/24/2024

French President Emmanuel Macron reiterated this Sunday (03/24/2024) to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Resistance to military offensive in RafahIt warned that the forced displacement of Palestinians in the southern tip of the Gaza Strip was a “war crime”.

Elisha reminded Netanyahu that “the future of Gaza can only play out within the framework of a future Palestinian state and under the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority,” according to the words Elisha used in a statement to describe the phone conversation between the two leaders. .”

The French president described both the humanitarian situation and the human impact in that Palestinian territory as “unacceptable”. Military operations by Israel Since the start of the war against Hamas on 7 October. At the same time, he stressed “absolute urgency” so that a massive influx of humanitarian aid “is warranted against the imminent threat of starvation and the loss of the most essential resources imposed on the people of Gaza.”

Macron He repeated his call for an “immediate and lasting” ceasefire in Gaza, and France called on the U.N. He confirmed that he intends to bring a draft resolution to the Security Council.

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