April 19, 2024

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Ecuador's mayor shot dead – DW – 03/24/2024

Ecuador's mayor shot dead – DW – 03/24/2024

Ecuadorian police announced this Sunday (03/24/2025) that Brigitte García, the mayor of the coastal city of San Vicente in the province of Manabí, was murdered. A state of emergency is still in effect The government decreed to stem the spiral of violence that had erupted earlier in the year.

“This morning in the San Vicente sector, Manabí, two were identified inside a vehicle without vital signs, with gunshot wounds, which correspond to Jairo L. and Brigitte G. (mayor of the canton of San Vicente. Vicente)”, said the police in their X Reported by network account. According to information from Digital Media, the other person found dead was related to Jairo Lure, director of communications for the municipality of San Vicente.

Brigitte García, 27, is considered the country's youngest mayor and is an activist in the Citizens' Revolution movement led by the former president. Rafael Correa (2007-2017).

Garcia's killing comes less than two months after Diana Carnero, a councilor in the coastal municipality of Naranjal in Guayas province, was shot dead on February 7. Carnero, 29, was gunned down by assassins in the middle of a public street in the municipality of Naranjal, near the port city of Guayaquil.

The killing of Corrista fighter Carnero joins a long list of officials who have been attacked in recent months in Ecuador, including lawyers, judges and politicians, including Manta Mayor, Agustin Intriago and politician and former presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.

President Daniel Nobowa He declared a state of emergency in early January, not even two months in power. Internal armed conflict situation Organized crime groups are blamed for stemming the spiral of violence in prisons and on the streets across the country.

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The violence erupted after President Nobowa announced his decision to launch his 'Phoenix Project' aimed at regaining control of prisons, many of which are dominated by gangs whose rivalries have killed more than 450 inmates since 2020. A series of prison massacres.

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