April 21, 2024

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In Venezuela, the use of cryptocurrencies such as Tether Dollar (USDT) has increased by 34%, according to Chainalysis

In Venezuela, the use of cryptocurrencies such as Tether Dollar (USDT) has increased by 34%, according to Chainalysis

In Venezuela The Stablecoin trading Like Tether dollar (USDT) or BUSD dollar Finance, 34% increase in 2022, according to a recent report by an analytics firm Cryptocurrencies Chain analysis.

According to him ReportThe Use of Stable Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela “Larger than any other country in Latin America”.

“This fits well with the thesis Value savings is behind Popular adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela”, says the study.

As for Crypto games, Venezuela became Second country with most players of Axial infinity Just this year Behind the Philippines It ranks second in the Cryptocurrency Adoption Index in 2022.

Regarding export Money transfer With cryptocurrencies, a A significant increase of 32% Compared to 2021, going away $28.3 billion to $37.4 billion In the last 12 months.

Venezuela ranks 3rd. The country that uses cryptocurrencies the most in the world

A recent United Nations report (UN) shows that Venezuela ranks 3rd In terms of cryptocurrency adoption in the world.

However, chain analysis Excluding Venezuela from the top Of the most adopted countries CryptocurrenciesList in effect Leading from the start. This is because “no more Reliable and up-to-date estimates of their individual PPP”.

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“Given a severe fall Venezuela The growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in eight years, Can take high position”, Chainalysis.

Chain analysis should accurately measure adoption

Ernesto Contreras, Head of Business Development Dashbay and organizer Caracas Blockchain WeekVenezuela maintains that it has not been excluded from the list Chain analysis Premeditated, but signature was used Other Statistics to Measure Crypto Adoption They haven’t used before.

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“I hope Chainalysis and other companies will take off Measure the different “pillars” of adoptionThen they can distinguish, some countries in the world have a lot Development and Trade, Let’s call it Acceptance of “Developer or Trade” categoryHe said in an interview with Morocotacoin.

He said there are those in other countries who prefer to use stable currencies to escape demonetisation or fear traditional banking. This should be called adoption Adoption for Financial Freedom”.

Despite this statement, Contreras emphasized further Chain analysis could not Accurately analyze data from VenezuelaCannot be ignored Reality Viewed from afar: Interest and use of crypto in Venezuela is huge!

“Certainly, when looking at the detail there is a wide variety of attitudes and interests Cryptocurrencies, There is no denying that Venezuela has an important place in the world. And this isn’t just a thought I have, it’s a Follow up comment Asked among companies analyzing data in the chain. Plus, it’s a hotly debated topic This year At all major crypto conferences in the world like A consensus conference, Bitcoin Miami Y And many more I was able to attend,” Contreras concluded.

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