May 19, 2024

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Important news about Tik Tok being banned

Important news about Tik Tok being banned

In 2018, image sync with an immense gallery of fun effects and great music deck. TikTok It is the most downloaded application in the world. The pandemic has helped strengthen it, but in 2024 it is experiencing moments of worry: House of Representatives It passed legislation prohibiting it from being based on its parent company Beijing It has not separated itself from the popular social media platform.

Its popularity in the Asian company began as a simple competition Pokemon Co In other parts of the planet. A trip on any public transport is enough to attest that this content with short videos is growing more and more. Although clips of young women doing movements to the rhythm of the music predominate, there is everything: pets delighting users with their funny features, to old people collecting the best moves from Chinese checkers or tossing games they show children. Their talents at an early age.

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However, in North America There is a very significant concern. Law TikTokIt is included in the set of bills sending aid Ukraine And IsraelIt could become law as soon as next week if the Senate acts quickly.

To put that in context, the issue arose in March. In the third month of the year, the Low camera Passed the required legislation Bite Danceparent company TikTokSell ​​the site within six months or face ban America. But some senators, including the leader of the Democratic Party Senate Commerce Committee, Mary Cantwell, had expressed concern that the six-month deadline was too short to negotiate a complex deal worth tens of billions of dollars. After negotiating with the Senate on the issue, the House added a revised version of the legislation to the foreign aid package.

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Thus, the law provides Bite Dance Nine months to sell TikTok If the sale is ongoing, the 90 days may be extended. The bill would prevent the company from controlling TikTok's secret ingredient: an algorithm that feeds users videos based on their interests.

Why does TikTok care?

While there are many reasons for a certain pessimism, there is one reason that transcends all limitations. That is what the Chinese authorities can force Bite Dance To provide data on 170 million Americans who use TikTok.

This uncertainty stems from a set of Chinese national security laws that are supposed to aid in intelligence gathering. Bite Dance Perhaps subject to and other powerful ways of enforcing government control.

Opponents of the bill, however, counter that Asian governments could easily obtain information about Americans in other ways, such as through commercial data brokers who sell or rent personal information.