May 19, 2024

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This country is home to two wonders of the world, and if you're from Peru, it's closer than you think Brazil

This country is home to two wonders of the world, and if you're from Peru, it's closer than you think  Brazil

This South American territory is less than 3 thousand kilometers from Peru and offers a magnificent waterfall and magnificent vegetation.

The country is blessed with two of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. | Libero composition

It is home to countries with impressive natural settings, including South America A new open world company Two of the seven natural wonders of the world are reported to be in neighboring Peru. Do you know what we mean? It is no less than Brazil, stretching from the Amazon and the mighty Iguazu Falls.

Brazil is the only country with two wonders of the world

You may wonder, what are these wonders? We have already mentioned it to you already, because there is nothing less than that Iguazu Falls and the Amazon:

Regarding Iguazu FallsThese are in position Parana Very close to the province AssignmentsIn ArgentinaThe same one with two divisions, some 450 species of birds, 80 species of mammals, many insects, but also a variety of river life.

Referring to AmazonIts vast forests, Biggest on earthTogether they hide something 6.7 million square kilometers, passing through nine South American countries. Its preservation is essential because of the oxygen it produces to absorb carbon dioxide, which earned it its nickname. “Lungs of the World”.

truly, Peru Accounts as an important part AmazonIt is borderline BrazilAlso found in countries like Surinam, Venezuela, Guyana, Colombia, Bolivia And Ecuador.

The Brazilian Amazon offers the best tourism in the South American country.

What are the 7 natural wonders of the world?

That said, here we offer it all Seven natural wonders of the world Are you brave enough to visit some of these?

  • He AmazonForests and rivers located in northern and central South America.
  • Iguazu Falls, in Brazil; It is considered one of the most impressive waterfall systems on the planet.
  • Komodo Island, in Indonesia; Made up of 17,508 islands, its habitat is home to the famous Komodo dragon.
  • Table Mountain, in South Africa; It is a flat hill from which you can see Cape Town.
  • Jeju Island, in South Korea; It is of volcanic origin about 130 kilometers off the coast of the Korean Peninsula.
  • Puerto Princesa Underground RiverIn the Philippines, St. Paul is located in the mountain range and is accessible after a short journey on foot or by boat.
  • Halong Bay, in Vietnam; UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site, making it a very popular tourist destination in Quang Ninh.
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What are the natural wonders of the world?

A term used to describe a natural wonder of the world Unusual natural phenomena are considered remarkably beautiful, impressive or unique. These wonders are selected through voting or nomination processes, and are designated for their natural beauty, ecological significance, or cultural value.

Examples of natural wonders of the world include the Grand Canyon in the United States, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. These wonders are popular tourist attractions and are often protected as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

How to preserve the natural wonders of the world?

Protecting and maintaining the world's natural wonders is essential to preserve their beauty and value for future generations. We share a few ways to do just that:

Environmental Protection: Preserving the natural environment surrounding these wonders is paramount. It avoids air, water and soil pollution and reduces deforestation and loss of natural habitats.

Sustainable Tourism: Promoting responsible tourism that minimizes environmental and cultural impact. These include following established rules and regulations for visitors, using local tourism services that respect the environment, and leaving places as they find them.

Education and Awareness: Educate locals and visitors about the importance of these natural wonders and the need to protect them. This can be done through educational campaigns, awareness programs and information materials.

Social Participation: Involve local communities in the management and conservation of these areas. These include developing conservation-related employment programs, participating in environmental monitoring activities, and promoting local pride in these places.

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Research and Monitoring: Conduct scientific research to better understand ecosystems and human impacts in these areas. It provides valuable information for effective management and conservation of the world's natural wonders.

Support for Security Systems: Contribute to organizations dedicated to environmental protection and nature conservation. These organizations are involved in conservation of natural habitats, combating deforestation, conservation of endangered species and other important activities to protect natural wonders.