June 16, 2024

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“I face a media-judicial firing squad”

“I face a media-judicial firing squad”
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Photo: Archive

After Diego Luciani demanded that Christina Kirchner be sentenced to 12 years in prison Disabled for life Taking public office, the vice president took to the networks to decry Justice’s decision.

“If there is anything left to ensure that I am not before the court of the Constitution, but before the media-judicial firing squad, it is to prevent me from exercising my right of defense before questions that never arise in the act of impeachment. A lawyer I attended for 5 days in May 2019,” Kirchner wrote on his Twitter profile.

And he announced: “That’s why tomorrow at 11 o’clock, I’m going to demonstrate through my networks, precisely why they are barring prosecutors from speaking at trial after the obscene script they put together.”

Christina Kirchner’s announcement came after the Federal Oral Court 2 (TOF2) decided to reject “in limine” the Vice President’s defense proposal. This morning, Carlos Peraldi asked the judges for his representative to testify in the trial of the invalidated case to answer the accusations – according to him, “loaded” to hide the “lack of evidence” – lawyers Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola .

Luciani’s plea

At the end of more than eight hours of arguments, Luciani asked that Christina Kirchner be sentenced to 12 years in prison. In real competition, governance worsened as a public official.

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Therefore, on the last day of the Validado case, Luciani demanded that the vice president be disqualified from public office for life and that his assets be confiscated to at least 5,321 million pesos. Judges, this is the moment. Is it corruption or justice,” he challenged the court.

Luciani recalled that “anyone who commits a serious intentional crime involving embezzlement is an attack on a democratic system,” and for this reason said that the trial displayed “the most obvious array of corruption in the last 40 years.” Corruption knows no ideological boundaries.

Defense of Christina Kirchner

A few minutes after Luciani’s request became known, President Alberto Fernández issued a statement through the networks on behalf of the national government. The speech was reproduced by several government officials, including Economy Minister Sergio Massa, who questioned the justice system but did not mention Cristina Kirchner by name.

For his part, Chief of Staff Juan Mansour issued the same statement on behalf of the national government. “As a chief of staff and a Peronist, I want to express my strong rejection of the accusations against former President Cristina Kirchner, without legal or material evidence, during the execution of her constitutional mandate,” he said on Twitter.

Yesterday, the bloc of representatives of the Frente de Todos (FdT) also issued a statement to express its support for Cristina Kirchner. The ruling MPs have joined more than 500 mayors in circulating a letter of support to the former president this morning, alleging harassment by the vice president.

“For decades, popular leaders in Argentina have been stigmatized based on false accusations leveled against them,” the parliamentarians asserted in a statement released this afternoon by the ruling party’s official channels.

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Government report

“The national government condemns the judicial and media harassment against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, expressed today once again, in the final argument and the request for punishment called the Road Case.

As expressed by President Alberto Fernández on repeated occasions, judicial harassment, sanctioned and encouraged by various media, false characterization of the image of illegal association, pre-trial detention, objective liability and application-based imputation are all aspects of criminal copyright law that are contrary to the principles of criminal law applicable in a republic founded on the rule of law. .

None of the acts attributed to the former President have been proven and the entire allegation against him refers only to his activity during that period.

The Government reiterates the constitutional principle of innocence and the full validity of the democratic process of justice, the right to defense and equality before the law, and will continue to fight for judicial reform that guarantees these values ​​to all.

Likewise, it expresses its solidarity with the Vice President in the face of persecution and is part of similar efforts against other popular leaders when justice is done in the service of real powers.

Finally, President Alberto Fernández, personally, “Today is a very unpleasant day for someone like me who grew up in the family of a judge, educated in the world of law and who teaches criminal law more. Three decades ago” and once again expresses its deep affection and solidarity with the Vice President.

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