April 13, 2024

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“France is already at war and ready to be more”

“France is already at war and ready to be more”

The Kremlin has responded to French President Emmanuel Macron's televised speech this Thursday, in which he once again mentioned the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, which he had already mentioned last week, creating great controversy among allies and which no country supports. , including the United States

Putin's government has promised that France “already engaged” At war and similar statements indicate that Paris is “prepared for deeper participation” in the conflict.

The Russian president's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, took note of Macron's repeated statements and said it was “obvious” that Macron views Russia as an “adversary”.France is already drawn into the war In Ukraine,” said the Doss news agency. “In fact, he is indirectly participating in this war, and judging by President Macron's statements, he is not against increasing his involvement,” Peskov added in a statement to the media, EP reports.

Macron on Thursday called Russia “an unstoppable enemy in Ukraine” and urged Europeans not to be “weak” and ready to respond if it defeats Kyiv troops in the two-year conflict.

“We will never go on the offensive, we will never take the initiative” to fight Russia, but No need to “reject options”.said the 46-year-old president. He added that if President Vladimir Putin's Russia “wins the war,” “we will no longer have security in Europe” and the continent's “credibility” will be “reduced to zero.”

So, in the face of Moscow's “escalation,” we Westerners must say “we are.” Ready to respondThe President said. “If the situation worsens, we must be ready and we are ready to take the necessary decisions so that Russia never wins,” he said in Ukraine.

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