April 13, 2024

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Benito Mussolini's last jailer dies at 101

Benito Mussolini's last jailer dies at 101
Benito Mussolini: On the afternoon of April 28, 1945, a group of Communist partisans shot him in the small town of Giulino di Messegra (Getty Images).

Italian Fernando Tassini, known as the last jailer of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, died in Citta di Castello (centre) at the age of 101 while imprisoned in the Apennines (central Italy). His values ​​are “to pass them on to the younger generation.”

Tassini, a young carabinieri (militarized policeman) who was in charge of Mussolini's security at the command of German paratroopers on September 12, 1943, when Mussolini was freed, died last Friday, local media reported.

“He was a symbol of our community. We want to remember him with the conscience of making his values ​​and ideals his own and passing them on to younger generations,” said Luca Secondi, mayor of Citta di Castello, where he lived in Umbria (center) in the 1970s and fifties.

In 1943, he guarded the Campo Imperatore Hotel in Gran Sasso, Apennines, where Mussolini was imprisoned after being arrested on the orders of King Victor Emmanuel II and removed from all his functions by the Fascist Grand Council. Bad results of war.

After German intelligence discovered Mussolini's location, Adolf Hitler himself ordered his release and transfer to Germany, in what was called “Operation Oak” directed by SS Captain Otto Skorzeny and General Karl Student.

A group of paratroopers landed in the area, caught the jailers by surprise and took Mussolini with them, without needing to fire a single shot.

Mayor Tassini “was a distinguished, educated and kind man who built his life on work, family, values ​​of mutual respect and a sense of belonging to the local community in which he always lived.”

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