July 18, 2024

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Excitement in Chile! They kidnap and execute a Venezuelan after demanding $200,000 in ransom.

Excitement in Chile!  They kidnap and execute a Venezuelan after demanding 0,000 in ransom.

The dead body of a man aged between 30 and 35 years was found. By a farmer from the Ñuble Alto department, over the weekend in the commune of Chillan in central-southern Chile, Activated the alarms of the Investigative Police (PDI) in the area located in Gran Concepción, Biobio region.

The body was lying semi-naked on the public road From the beginning it was assumed that it belonged to the owner of two barbershops in Hualben commune Wednesday June 28 by four people who identified themselves as members of the Aragua train.

Four days later, it was confirmed that the body matched the owner of the barber shop, from whom police officers had obtained their identification data.

Meanwhile, in digital media from Santiago, There are two prisoners. One of them fell on Thursday last week, a day after the kidnapping, and was identified as Luis David Urquiola Rojas, a 19-year-old Venezuelan youth. A second man was arrested in Santiago on Sunday and charged with kidnapping with murder.

The first, meanwhile, was only charged with kidnapping because the investigation was not yet aware of the victim’s death, and for this reason it could soon be reformed.

According to Radio Bio bio, The attackers said they belonged to the Tren de Aragua criminal organization of Venezuelan origin. This possible link still needs to be verified, as the prosecutor’s office warns that many criminals use this false “plate” to intimidate.

Another fact that worries researchers is that They would have acted on behalf of a third person belonging to the metropolitan area. After the abduction, the kidnappers allegedly demanded the victim’s family pay $200,000 for his release. However, everything ended badly.

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Amidst the uncertainty and uproar created by this extraordinary event in Gran Concepción, the gruesome discovery announced from Ñuble just last Sunday set off alarms. That day the farmer found the body.

It is significant All details of the case will be kept confidential for 40 days, at the request of lawyer Enzo Osorio. It is known that the victim, Patricio Aylwin, is the owner of two barbershops located in the town of Hualpén, and that he was the target of abduction by a third person.

Finally, the guarantee court set a 60-day deadline for the prosecutor’s office to continue the -until now- secret investigation.