June 21, 2024

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Check out which country has the best air force in Latin America and belongs to the top 15 on the planet | Answers

Check out which country has the best air force in Latin America and belongs to the top 15 on the planet |  Answers

National security is one of the most important sectors of each Government. And, in this sense, Air Force is very important to protect its citizens from any external attack by air. But have you ever wondered which country excels in this area? Here we are going to tell you the answer and other important and surprising details related to this ever interesting topic.

It is the country with the best air force in Latin America and in the top 15 on the planet

According to Flight Global's world rankings, Brazil has established itself as the country with the most air power in South America and Latin America. For example, the country has Northrop F-5 Tiger II supersonic fighter jets and the spectacular and modern Saab Grippen.

Which are the top 15 countries with the best air forces on the planet?

1) USA: 13,209 flights

2) Russia: 4,255 flights

3) China: 3,304 flights

4) India: 2,296 flights

5) South Korea: 1,576 flights

6) Japan: 1,459 flights

7) Pakistan: 1,434 flights

8) Egypt: 1,080 flights

9) Türkiye: 1,069 aircraft

10) France: 976 flight

11) North Korea: Flight 947

12) Saudi Arabia: Flight 897

13) Italy: 850 flights

14) Taiwan: 737 aircraft

15) Brazil: 665 flight.

What is the best country in South America to live comfortably and economically?

Specialized portal Numbeo has carried out a thorough analysis of the cost of living in various South American countries, and Paraguay is the most economical place to immigrate.

The rating takes into account a variety of factors, including quality of life, rental costs, goods and services, and local purchasing power.

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Paraguay is ahead of countries like Argentina and Bolivia, making it an attractive option for those who want to be frugal with daily expenses and live comfortably on a modest budget.

The Numbeo study also revealed that Uruguay ranks as the most expensive country in the region, after Chile and Venezuela.

Other South American countries in the ranking include Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia, each with its own cost of living index and local purchasing power.

This information is invaluable to those considering moving to South America in search of new opportunities, as it provides a clear view of where they can find the most affordable and comfortable lifestyle.

Which country in Latin America consumes the most alcohol?

According to a WHO study, the ranking of countries with the highest alcohol consumption in Latin America is:

  • Argentina (8.0)
  • Brazil (7.7)
  • Peru (7.5)
  • Chile (6.7)
  • Cuba (6.0)
  • Mexico (5.7)
  • Uruguay (5.5)
  • Colombia (4.9)
  • Honduras (3.2)
  • Venezuela (3.0)
  • Guatemala (1.6)

It is important to note that Argentina decreased its consumption by 1.3 percentage points, while Peru decreased by 0.6 compared to previous years. Likewise, the Institute of Health noted that the consumption of alcoholic beverages “brings significant social and economic losses to individuals and to society in general.”