June 17, 2024

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Chicario killed 3 members of the Wayuú tribe very close by

Chicario killed 3 members of the Wayuú tribe very close by

Through a video posted on social networking sites, members of the Weiu ethnic group later fled in an unknown location in a truck when a man recorded a crime scene of firing his weapons at an empty border.

Alex Sassin, Bernardo Zamprano and Aristopholo Zamprano killed

It ranks 20th so far in 2022 after armed men broke into a house in the vicinity of Pastrana in the municipality of Micao in La Quajira and killed three people.

In addition, according to several versions of the local media, the perpetrators of the crime will be a dangerous criminal gang, which is already known in the viral record, the clearest message is heard, “It came from Yeico Masacre.”

Alex Sassin, Bernardo Zamprano and Aristopholo Zamprano lost their lives in several murders. The latter was taken from the emergency room to the Asokabildos Clinic, but despite the doctors’ work, he died.

According to eyewitnesses, two armed men arrived at the building, where they shot and killed three people on several occasions, and one of the victims was critically injured.

Apparently, this would be the account of drug gangs. The crime took place on Tuesday, March 1, at 11:00 a.m., on the 24th, with Carrera 26 in the vicinity of Pastrana.

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Authorities are moving forward with an investigation into the whereabouts of the authors of the three murders in an incident that was reported as the first homicide of the year in the field.

The Columbia Institute for Development and Peace Research (Indepaz) recalled that the Ombudsman’s Office had already issued a warning about the criminal activities of armed groups in Micao.

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