February 28, 2024

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Captors of Venezuelan journalist released in Spain


Both charged Attackers on Venezuelan journalist Adriana Gonzalez Gil They were released In Spain After appearing before the Civil Guard, after being An investigation was conducted for a minor injurySpanish media reported on Tuesday, March 7.

Besides, Two women Presented by A Complaint of injuries Against VenezuelaBecause they assure that she was the one who attacked them first and then took out the mobile phone to record the response.

Spain | Venezuelan journalist Adriana González denounces racist aggression in Alicante

Sunday night, February 26, is the moment Two womenIn a vehicle, under the influence of alcohol, Gonzalez’s car collided head-on And, unapologetically, they started doing it To insult Venezuela “You are machu pichu” he shouted.

“I feel empty The video is no doubt. We strive to avoid conflict at all times. I am incredible. They can’t say I attacked before picking up the camera, because at that point some conflict will appear. When I started recording, they would tell me all kinds of things like, ‘Nee Machu Picchu’, ‘You’re shit’. “When they didn’t motivate me, they pushed themselves,” Gonzalez said 20 minutesAfter the result is known.

No regrets

The civil guard initially did not charge a hate crime but, per protocol, withdrew In the hands of the lawyer Legal classification of facts, but already indicates that it is a Injury is a crime with indicators that Predict the existence of a hate crimereviewed Spanish newspaper.

“There’s a part about Adrian telling the police They attack usThey run and beat me in front of the camera by telling lies. They were violent Even in front of the Civil Guard. I was completely empty because No regrets whatsoever“Added Venezuelan with Spanish citizenship In 2021.

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Reference to the Spanish digital media, in addition to these measures, is recommended for others Car accident.

In a video posted by user @adrianescostablanca on Instagram, you can see how one of the women attacks González: “Let the police come, That’s all I did wrong, nothing happens, but you are ‘Machupichu’, you are an indigenous person. The policeman is going to judge me for a traffic offence, but you’re ‘machupichu’.

The Venezuelan journalist claimed that the attack was to correct his cervical lordosis, bite, edema and edema in the back of the head. An ankle sprain.

Gonzalez Gil then condemned A racist aggression and contacted a lawyer in Alicante where the events took place. She confirmed that the aggressors had committed three offences: assaults against her and her boyfriend, hate crimes and road safety.

Venezuela is also grateful for all the support it received after the Alicante attack.

“The whole society a Amazing support These people go through life thinking, ‘I can do whatever I want to you, because you’re brown and I have blue eyes, and nothing will happen to me,’ apart from believing that they’re completely immune. After All the rejections they hadThat Don’t show an ounce of regret… They continue to believe that because of their race they can even tell lies…”, he continued.

with the information that Spanish newspaper And 20 minutes

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