April 17, 2024

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Capcom provides the first look at Street Fighter 6 rendering inside Rashid

Capcom provides the first look at Street Fighter 6 rendering inside Rashid

Rashid’s arrival was said to be “imminent”.

Rashid is set to be the first DLC character for Street Fighter 6. He is scheduled to be released sometime in the summer of 2023.

Earlier this morning, Capcom released the first look at what appears to be Rashid’s in-game rendering of Street Fighter 6. Up to this point, we’ve only seen some of the Street Fighter 6 concept art of Rashid.

Of course, Rashid looks exactly as he did in the concept art for which it was released. Needless to say, he has undergone some changes since his appearance in Street Fighter 5.

Rashid is shown smiling while being shown in-game. His status is less of a combative stance and more of a welcome gesture.

Instead of the white turban that covers the entire top of his head, he appears to have some new head coverings in which the top part is open. Needless to say, some of his hair can be seen sticking out from the headdress.

Apart from the black cross belt, Rashid is now showing off his bare chest. He also wears an open black and gold shirt that is too short to reach his stomach.

It appears that Rashid’s release in Street Fighter 6 is now “imminent”. In celebration of Rashid’s upcoming release, Capcom released the “Rashid Arrives!” combat pass.

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“Rashid arrives!” The Fighting Pass can be obtained for 250 Fighter Coins and will be available from July 4th to July 23rd. This seems to indicate that Capcom expects to release Rashid shortly after this time.

With “Rashid up!” Fighting Pass, it seems that players can get a lot of token equipment referring to Rashid. It’s definitely worth noting that one of these pieces of Avatar gear includes a lens that looks like the “Explorer” from the Dragon Ball Z series, although that eye lens is a reference to Rashid’s appearance in Street Fighter 5 rather than his Street Fighter 6 look.

The music that is provided with this fight pass is the themes of Rashid, Laura and Nikali. As of now, it’s unknown what this means for Laura and Necalli’s chances as future DLC in Street Fighter 6.

There are also a number of posters that refer not only to Rashid, but also to his greatest servant – a character who did not become playable in Street Fighter 5 despite the character appearing in Street Fighter 5’s “A Shadow Falls” single-player mode.

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