July 14, 2024

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The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is receiving a new quality of life update

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection is receiving a new quality of life update
Image: Capcom

The Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection got off to an incredibly strong start earlier this year, shifting over a million copies worldwide in less than a month.

Now, Capcom has released a new quality of life update. According to a brief summary via social media, it has some crucial bug fixes, a new Mega Man voice option, another limit added and more.

Fortunately, the full patch notes have also been shared. Here’s the full summary:

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Update – July 4, 2023

[Nintendo Switch™ / PlayStation®4 / Steam]

Added “MegaMan Voice” option to language settings.
A new border (black) has been added.

MMBN 1-6
The screen time limit for online battle has been changed to 30 seconds.
Fixed bugs with in-game messages for Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

MMBN 3-6
Fixed an issue where comparing libraries would cause problems if a PA note was recorded and displayed.

MMBN 4 and 6
Fixed an issue where using a WindRack on an opponent during a timed online battle would force them off screen.

MMBN 5 and 6
Fixed an issue where performing certain actions on a custom screen would cause part of that screen to remain visible even after the next turn has started.

Fixed an issue where an error would occur when plugging into the power station under certain conditions.

Fixed an issue where speaking in WaitingRoom to Navi with certain characters in its input name could cause an error.
Fixed an issue where meeting certain conditions in battle against ShadeMan SP would cause unexpected behavior.
Fixed an issue where activating AntiRecv with certain chips in an online battle caused the skill to deal more damage than intended.

Fixed an issue where shooting and performance dropped abnormally in Drill Comp 4.
Fixed an issue where abnormal behavior would occur when speaking to NPCs, after researching arcane data, etc. at a certain point in the story.

Fixed an issue where pressing the winch eject button when riding a cloud in MrWeathrComp or Pavilion Comp 3 would allow the player to fall out of the cloud.
Fixed an issue in online battles where, depending on the strength of the grid, crosses and chips would be available again at the start of the turn.
Fixed an issue where the initial reward for completing a virus battle while playing in English differed from that when playing in Japanese and Traditional/Simplified Chinese.
Fixed an issue where performing certain actions after setting Swordy in virus battle would result in a performance drop.

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